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I've been doing a lot of research on cameras, and I can't decide between the Olympus 710 and the Canon 600.. the Casios also look good, but the horror stories of "Lens Errors" on the 750 kinda scare me away from Casios in general. I like that 710 has is all weather and has the bright capture technology, but I'm wondering about the video and photo quality? Also, the noise the 710 makes when shooting. As for the Canon, I don't know too much about it-- has anyone had problems with it?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"My last camera was an Olympus IR 300, which I loved... until it got stolen I like the basic design of the Olympus, and I know my last one was great, but again, all models are different!

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I've heard really good and really bad things about the Casio 750, and I know little about the z60..

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Anyone with any related experience to any of these cameras or problems, please share!!! I've been searching for months, and I am ready to make a decision!!
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I think the 750 and z60 are out for casio but does anyone know anything about the Casio z600? I hear it has an awesome bright screen...
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There were lens error problems with the early production models of the Z750. Casio had the lens manufacturer beef up the gearing and the problem was corrected. Canon had the same problem which showed as an E 18 error and it persisted through several generations of Canon cameras. At least Casio quickly fixed the problem. You can be sure to get a more recent Z750 if you get a gray colored model. Any high volume online vendor will likely send you a recent model, but you can be sure with the gray.

From your choices it would appear that the great controls and manual features on the Z750 would be of no use to you. I haven't the slightest idea what an Olympus 710 might be, but the other two are pure point and shoot. Even as a point and shoot there are some advantages on the Z750. Saturation, sharpening and contrast all have 5 settings for each so you can finely tune how you like your photos. The Canon by comparison has a single shotgun setting of "vivid" to cover them all at once.

I like that Casio lets you go through a large number of camera features and decide which will return to default and which stay where you had them last set when you turn the camera off and back on. With most makers you have a single setting where everything stays where you set it or everything returns to default.

The Z750 has the best movies IMO. MPEG4 lets you put 4 times as much on a card. And the Casio cameras with MPEG4 have a great past movie mode where you just aim the camera until something worth filming happens. You start recording and it includes the previous 5 seconds from the buffer. So you don't have to grind away waiting for the toddler to do the cute thing again or the geyser to blow. It saves a lot of editing.

The Z750 has a physically larger sensor, so even though it is 7Mp it still has a lower pixel density than the SD600 or Z60. I don't see a lot to recommend the Z60 other than that it is really cheap. It doesn't have the best lens and it is f3.1 to f5.9, which is a little slow. And the Casio made lenses haven't been as good as the one on the Z750 or the SD600. The SD600 is an excellent little camera. My preference is for the Z750, but if you just want something small you can unpack and start getting good pictures you would probably be as happy with the SD600. Now that the Z850 is out the Z750 is a bargain, and it takes better movies than the Z850.

The Z600 doesn't have a great lens like the Z750 nor does it have MPEG4 or the past movie mode. If you just want a nice point and shoot get the SD600. If you think you might want to progress a little consider the Z750 - it is an excellent buy right now.

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