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Default Canon 7D or wait for Canon 6 D

I photograph mostly children and was ready to purchase the canon 7D. I like the idea of the 19 cross type focus points and fast shutter speed. With yesterday's release of the canon 6 D I would like your opinion if this is a better camera and worth the wait and extra $. The 6 D is full frame but only 1 center cross type focus point. Does the fact that it is full frame make up for the other cross type focus points? I like the HDR features of the 6D but quick accurate focus is more important to me.Your help is greatly appreciated.
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when you say you photograph mostly children - in what way? just your kids around the house? Playing sports? posed photos?

The camera body is only part of the equation. The proper lens(es) and flashes are a big part of things too.

But, there is indeed much angst over the specs for the 6d focus system - seems very similar to the old 5dII system which is not as good as the 7d.

What the full frame will give is shallower depth of field possibilities. We don't know yet, but it's a strong possibility high iso performance will be better on the 6d than the 7d. Ergonomics are different though - 6d looks much more like a 60d.

All in all, it sounds like the 6d probably won't be out for another month - then you want to wait a month or two in order to get some real world feedback. Then, if history repeats, you're probably looking at a waiting list to get the camera. But I certainly would not suggest anyone jump on a list now and be an early adopter.
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Its difficult to answer if you want cross type then you could look at the 650d or 60d it will save you a lot of money and all you need to do is put on some good glass. I havent seen any reviews yet on the 6d
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If you don't currently own any lenses or bodies,
and If you are worried about fast and accurate focusing
Nikon is ahead of similar priced Canon bodies until you get to the top of the line 1dx. Even the 7d though fast at focusing seems to not hit the mark accurately, and using alternatives like manually adjusting focus using live view improves results.

If you are already a canon shooter give that test a try,
autofocus on a small target (a sign with text works well) and take an image,
then switch to liveview, go to max magnification, manually focus and take an image. then compare results at 100% in your editor.
Every trial we've made so far (5d mkii, mkiii, 7d, T4i, T2i) using L lenses on tripods the manually focused shot comes out much sharper.
My compatriots using Nikon do not seem to have this issue their AF seems to be hitting bang on.
(camera settings, especially using the same and wide aperture need to remain consistent across similar shots for this to be meaningful)

BTW: I am a Canon shop and have been since the 10D first came out and even before digital, but must admit what Canons is now putting in their non top end bodies for an AF system is second rate to Nikon's and some other manufacturers systems like Sony.
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The 7D is the best APS-C DSLR Canon has ever made. You can't go wrong with this camera. However, if you want a full frame DSLR, the Canon 6D is good but not as good as the Nikon D600 based on the specifications. ( I haven't seen or use either one) I would consider the Nikon D600 if you don't have any Canon full frame EF lenses. Again, read the reviews and do some research before you buy. Good luck shopping!
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I'm in the same dilemma right now My old 450d died by a shutter failure and now need a new one. I don't have a lot of lenses, but I just bought 580 ex II flash a few months ago and also having a very nice 50mm f1.4 and 105mm f2.8 macro. Earlier this year before I was planing to buy 5d mk III it no matter what. But then its extreme price suddenly hit me when it start to selling and I said: no way. Well I had still my 450d working and decided to wait for something more from Canon to show us later this year.

And then came it. 6d. Again, it disappointed me really much. First because of poor specifications and secondly, for even lower price I can get from Nikon d600 so much more. I was mad on Canon. Already wanted to sell my entire equipment and switch to Nikon. But then started to looking over 7d. Everyone like it and saying it's pretty damn good camera. And it's way cheaper then 6d and available today. Plus the last firm upgrade made it even better. So I tought to myslef, do I really need ful frame? Paying at least extra 1k$? Am I so professional? I made some pretty nice photos with my 450d and sold some 30 photos on iStock, which is great success for me, btw

In a bundle with 7d I've crushed also on ef-s 17-55 f2.8 because I need a wide angle, which is great lens too, and again cheaper then 16-35 L lens. 24mm is not enough wide for 1.6 crop.

So for 2,5k$ I think you can get great photo kit for many purposes.
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just seen canon rumours new aps-c line up out next year
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