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korna May 12, 2006 9:37 AM

Hi there! I need some advice about which camera to pick.

I want to buy a compact digital camera for my girlfriend however I have a low budget. At this moment the Canon A430 is low priced at 138euro, Sony DSC-S600 at 170euro and the Sony DSC-W30 at 186euro.

Most women like their 'toys' to be simple to use, it has to be stylish and not to big so it must fit in a pocket or in a purse. I do not want to waste my money on a product which produces bad photo's and so far Canon and Sony have never dissapointed me. My girlfriend also likes to make occasional movies.

I have read the reviews and frankly I can't see much of a quality difference between the 3 camera's! :?:
What I do see is that the A430 is somewhat bigger and less slim than the Sony cam's. The quality of the movies of the Sony cam's seems to be better with 30frames/sec, however I couldn't really see the difference with the 10frames/sec of the A430. The Sony cam's have 6Mp 3x OptZoom and the Canon 4Mp 4x OptZoom.

Neither can I really see a difference between the Sony S600 and W30, is there a quality difference?

Is it worth to buy one of the sony cam's, or is the quality the same so can I better buy the Canon and save 30euro's (and spend it on memory)?

What's up with all the different speed formats on the SecureDigital memory? Does the A430 support them all?

Thx! :|

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