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pcumming Feb 26, 2006 9:25 PM

Read a few reviews here and there on Canon, Kodak, Sony, etc...

This would be for a 15 year old. I would like a point and shoot camera that is fairly easy to use. Looks like the Canon Powershot A520 might fit the bill. While only 4MP and some red eye issues, it appears to be a good value for the money (and a beginner).

*****Any thoughts on this camera and price range (up to$200 without recharger and memory card/case, etc..) versus perhaps another brand/model that would be as compact 4 or hopefully 5 megapixels, ease of use, rugged enough not to break easily, etc...??

My neighbor has a Sony which I like but everyone has their opinion.

Thanks for any input.

Also their computer is running Windows ME so I am not sure it can support whatever software may come with certain cameras. Any knowledge appreciated on this.

Thank you


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