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freestonew Oct 6, 2006 9:49 AM

hi all....

I own now a canon 410, a nice camera, but I sense a small lack of the picture quality, and the Upgrade is tempting.

Oh so many cameras, just in the powershot line alone and many of these are now discontinued.

But I have an iching small quandry!

Best buy has a powershot a530 on sale for about $150, as far as I can tell, the quality is just a *bit* better than my a410, and I live only blocks away from best Buy and thus if I buy the $40 protection plan, be simple to return the camera if it breaks or has the "e18".

Then there is a camera that seems a LOT better than my a410, the a610!
Seemingly a Legendary camera, and canon does not make this model anymore.
However, through Amazon I can buy it new for $240 or refurbished for about $180. But is something breaks the "store" is 600 miles away!!
No protection plan. Only the one year warrenty on the new canon.
But I have read that a good refurbished camera might actually be more reliable than a new one!

What should I Do?!
the best buy sale is only good through saturday, I need to know Now!

I take mostly outdoor scenes with a fair amount of indoor natual light

photos, and I upload these to my flickr account.

I would go for the a530 except that I read such glowing reviews for the a610!

input please.


JeanneB Oct 6, 2006 10:16 AM

I have the A610 and love it, get one while you can. I paid $217 for mine back in the spring so $240 really isn't all that bad considering they're so difficult to find now. You might also want to check on ebay.

KALEL33 Oct 6, 2006 2:25 PM

They're that much now? We sold the A620's on clearance when the were discontinued for $180. As for whether you should buy have to decide whats more important. Swivel or not, small size or not. I would choose the new A640. Your A410 isn't that old. Buy the best camera that you would be happy with for a long time and you end up saving money. My favorite camera of mine is 4 years old and I still use it. Preference is the difference between those two camera...not so much what we say.

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