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I'm looking for a camera but I'm not sure which of these two models I should buy.

Pro (Canon A540):
- noticeably better image and video qualitiy (that's my opinion)
- needs no docking station to charge battery

Pro (Casio Exilim Z600):
- better shooting performance, especially when using flash in darker situation
- body much more compact, so you can take it always with you

What do you think which aspects are further to consider concerning these two models? What are the pro and contra arguments?

Thanks for your answers!

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I think you have most of the pros and cons right there. The other thing with the Z600 is it doesn't have any manual control over aperture and shutter priority available. If that's not important to you, you might prefer the convenience of the Casio.

The Z750 does have apperture and priority modes, but also a significantly higher price.

The A530 and A540 are probably the best you can do at their respective prices for cameras with full manual controls and good image quality.

But, if that's not important, I would suggest also considering the new Fuji F20. It also lacks manual controls (again available in the more expensive F30), but will give you image quality comparable to the A540, plus indoor shooting quality that beats both of those models handily, with the pocketable convenience of the Z600. Currently available (only in the last week) for about $230 US.

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Manual control is not that important in the moment, but I want to have the opportunity to use it when I have the time.

The most important for me is the image quality and the performance.

I recongnized for myself that you have to compromise between these two factors. When you are looking for good image quality and fast performance you have to bye a DSLR. Digital cameras are apparently not able produce good image quality and very fast performance...
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If the quality of the LCD display is of any importance to you, note that the Canon A540 has a 2.5" LCD, but has a very low resolution - only 85k pixels or so. The Casio's slightly larger 2.7" screen packs almost twice as many pixels, which provides a much crisper, detailed image.

At this price point, you may also want to consider the A620 - it is available for around $200 or less, has a smaller 2" LCD than the A540 but is higher resolution. Also, the LCD is articulating, i.e. it swings out and swivels to virtually any position, which can come in handy for shots where you need to hold your arms either very low, very high or stretched out from your body.

Goofy, what kinds of photos do you anticipate taking with your new digital camera?
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Predominantly I'm going to take landscape photos and indoor photos or low light photos. Further I would like to take some pictures e.g. of my little nephew. I think the problem of taking photos of little children is common. Thats why I would like to have a fast performance.

(I know about the low resolution display, but in this price range you have to compromise...)
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