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thepezident01 Mar 26, 2006 10:20 PM

Hey all - 1st time poster...
So right now I have a Fuji 3800. 3.2megapixel with 6x optical zoom. I love the zoom but hate the low light capabilities and the bulkyness. So it's going to the in-laws.

Doing well in low light is very important to me. I thought I had settled on the Canon A610 BUT just saw the A700 with a 6x optical zoom for about $100 more.

My question is - is the extra megapixel and the 2x more optical zoom worth the extra money? And are the optics the same in both cameras?
Thanks a bunch!!

lucky2505 Mar 26, 2006 11:58 PM

According to what you've told us, the A700 is the camera for you. You say you love the Fuji 3800's zoom. The zoom range of the A700 is comparable. The zoom range of the A610 is not. You say you hate the low light capabilities of the 3800. It doesn't have a focus-assist light. The A610 has a focus-assist light, however, its lens isn't any faster than that of the 3800. With its focus-assist, the 610 will be able to achieve focus on objects within approximately 9 feet in cases where the Fuji would fail to achieve focus. In circumstances where the Fuji achieves focus but requires use of the flash, the A610 would require use of the flash, also. The A700 has a focus-assist light. Like the A610, its lens isn't any faster than that of the 3800. Where the A700 differs from both the 3800 and the A610 is that it has a higher maximum ISO. In circumstances where the 3800 and A610 require flash, it may be possible to use the higher ISO setting on the A700 to capture the picture without flash. Of course, at distances where focus-assist lights and flashes are ineffective, the A700 still has an advantage over the other two cameras via higher ISO of being able to capture the same low-light shot at a faster shutter speed.

mtclimber Mar 27, 2006 9:01 AM

Another possibility would be the Fuji F-10, which does extremely well in low light level shooting with little or no noise and an ISO capability up to 1600. Here is a sample photo taken without flash from the F-10.


thepezident01 Mar 28, 2006 3:01 PM

I looked at the Fuji F10 but it doesn't have an optical viewfinder. My Fuji 3800 has an EVF Viewfinder. In low light situations - it's useless.

That leads me back to the Canon A series.
So you think the extra megapixel and the 2x zoom is worth the $$?
Thanx for the replies - this stuff is mind numbing for newbies...even after reading about it...:(

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