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I really love my Canon Powershot A75. 3.2MP is enough for me, I love the photo quality and the advanced and manualshooting modes. I don't print much, if it it's usually 4x6 or the occasional 8x10. I've gotten stunning sharp and well saturated 8X10S from this camera too.

Hopefully it will keep working well, even with the 1000s of photos it's taken. I've invested quite a bit in CF cards, as eventually I was planning on the A95. Unfortunately, Canon has discontinued it and I don't like the new model since it takes SD cards (among other things, it has a vignetting problem).

My A75 is still covered by an extended warranty, but since it's discontinued, if it malfunctions the store would give me a credit for the original puchase price. Problem is there is no real replacement as all the new cameras take SD. I don't like SD. There's an old saying "go with what you know". I know CF hasn't let me down once, through all the photos I've taken in hiking and even storms. SD seems delicate and exposed. And why should I be forced to spend more $$ on SD cards? I like to have interchange-ability with my cameras.

The A95 is now only available as a refurb or used, sadly. It was a great camera just like my A75, I don't know Canon had to go and screw with a good thing. The Olympus C-5500 has interested me as an eventual replacement, but I don't care for the use of xD cards (again, why should I have to shell out more $$ for cards when I got plenty?). Also the colors seem kinda dull in the sample photos I've seen compared to other cameras and I don't like the higher barrel distortion (I do alot of landscape shots).

So right now I plan onto keep using my A75. But, if I eventually decide to get a higher MP camera (5MP max) which ones give you the manual controls of the A75/85/95 series, landscape and saturation modes, as well as use CF and AA batteries?

Seems like a DSLR may have to be the next step, though most of them seem kinda bulky for carrying around. Right now I'll be satisfied as long as my A75 keeps working!

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The Fuji S5200 meets all your criteria but one - it uses xD cards. I'm not sure if there any new cameras on the market that use CF cards anymore,except for some DSLRs.Canon was about the onlymanufacturer that usedCF in most of their product range,but they're ditching them in favor of SD.

I felt the same way you do, but I replaced my A75 with the S5200 anyway, and I'm glad I did. It's an outstanding camera, and the price is right. I think CF's days are numbered, simply because it's physically so big compared to the other formats. Hopefully, one day there'll be a universal format for camera flash memory, but I don't think I'll hold my breath.
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I was also considering the C-5500, but it's the same problem, xD cards..

And xD is more expensive than SD, at least from where I've seen. It's not like I'm getting a new camera soon, I love my A75 and plan to use it as long as it lasts. I just want to be ready for the day it stops working.

Perhaps there will still be some A95s around, I was really impressed with the photo quality of the samples on this site of that camera more than any other 5MP camera I've seen so far. Damn Canon why did you have to mess with such a good thing?

Haven't seen the S5200 yet as far as reviews go. Is it anything like the S5100? Looks quite SLR-like.

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s5200 is a great camera for 300 dollors. i saw an offer in Dell for 304 dollors for S5200. thats the best price as far as i know and the camera is worth the money u pay....

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