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Contriver Oct 22, 2006 2:25 AM

I have the A520, however I am considering upgrading to the A630. I see that the A630 has a 1/1.8 sensor whereas my A520 has a 1/2.5 sensor. Going by just this information, I would conclude that the A630 must be better at low-light and produce sharper images. But, the A630's sensor is 8 Megapixel and the A520's is 4 Megapixel. Thus, with twice the amount of pixels, I question if my assumption is actually true. I suppose that since the A630 has twice as many pixel sensors as the A520 has, yet it does not have a sensor with twice the physical size of the A520's, maybe it is actually worse at low light and sharpness. Can someone please share your thoughts on this?

BTW, I knowthat upgrading to this camera wouldn't be a huge leap, but Iam considering it because:

1) Its not that expensive and I could sell the A520 on eBay to help recover some of the costs.

2) It has a much closer Macro ability; 1 cm...the A520 can only focus to 5 cm away.

3) Ability to record a movie for 1 hour instead of only 30 seconds.

4) Ability to record a 640 resolution movie at 30 fps instead of 10.

5) Flip out screen :)

6) Much larger screen :)

KALEL33 Oct 23, 2006 12:52 AM

Don't forget, that it would be a much faster camera than yours (Digic II) and it has the 9-point AF than the 5-point in yours. It's not going to be that much a jump in pic quality though. Make sure this is what you want though. You don't want to be thinking of another camera to buy next year. I've told many people that if you buy a camera you love, then it can last you a few or more years. If you're unsure, then you'll always look to upgrade.

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