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reelsmith. Nov 7, 2006 3:01 PM

Hi folks.

I've been happily using an Olympus C3000 for 6 years and it broke the other day. I have visited a few stores and done enough research on-line to now be totally confused, but think I have narrowed it down to the Canon A640 or the S3. I almost bought a Olympus C7000 which I was told was a new model (they wanted $395) but when I got on-line I found out it was 3 years old and $219. So, naturally, this experience scared me.

I will be taking shots from macrosof wristwatches to the normal vacation type shots and pictures of the kids ...and since I knownothing about photography I use the auto mode almost exclusively.

The A640 has 6x zoom and is 10MP, while the S3 has 12x zoom and 6MP. This seems to be a big difference. Is it?

I've read both good and bad (mostly very good) things about the S3 and only good things about the A640, perhaps because it is newer.

Does anyone know these two cameras well enough to prefer one over the other? Have I given you enough information for you to help me? Should I consider something else?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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