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karmokar Nov 6, 2006 1:04 AM

Hi Everybody,
I need a digicam for taking beautiful picture for my baby, mostly indoor
and some outdoor scenery as well. I have two digital camera in mind: fujifilm
finepix E900 and Canon powershot A640. Please give me some advice if you
have practical experience with those (one/both) camera. I prefer to have manual control
in camera and need to crop image sometimes.
From the specification I have seen that E900 has following advantages
1. slightly bigger CCD and super CCD
2. wider angle lens
3. lower shutter lag, 0.01
4. live histogram display
5. Auto exposure bracketing
6. cheaper Fujifilm E900=CAD 400 (Canon A640=CAD 500)
7. RAW mode
8. Better ISO performance
9. Weight less and two AA Battery
10. Battery and Charger included
A640 on the other hand has,
1. Bigger and rotating LCD
2. Slighty more Megapixel count
3. Better Micro
4. Slightly better flash coverage
5. Better lens aperture range F2.8 - F4.1
6. More shooting mode including custom shooting mode, C and Photo Stitch Mode for panorama
7. AF assist lamp
8. Better MF options through magnification
9. AF, AE and flash exposure lock options
10. Better jpeg image compression
Both camera has program shift.
I have few query about both camera:
1. How is the image quality in terms of color accuracy, sharpness, brightness, vividness, etc?
2. How is the lens quality?
3. How is the performance in indoor and outdoor?
4. How the above advantages for specific camera is important in practical shootiing?
5. How much postprocessing needed to get good pictures? Which one looks better after some auto postprocessing?
I would appreciate if somebody can suggest me which camera to buy from your practical point of view.
Please give reasoning behind your suggestion.

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