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I'm in the market for a new Canon DSLR and have found myself with some interesting options. Looking for advice from the crowd on which way to go. I'm looking for a good setup for taking mostly family pictures. Probably will end up being a combination of indoor and outdoor, medium zoom. Just general all purpose camera. I won't be printing above 8x10, so I probably don't need a ton of resolution. My budget is around $1,000.

After alot of research, I had pretty much narrowed myself into an XTI w/ a 17-85mm IS lens. However, after talking to my father, I was given another option to take his hand me down D60 for free and spend the money on a better lens like an "L".

So my question is which option is better? Based on today's specs, the XTI seems to be alot more camera than the D60, but if I invest my money in better glass would that end up being a better overall solution. So with the right glass, how would a D60 stack up against an XTI these days? Where would the D60 fall short, and where could better glass compensate? Thoughts?

1) Spend $1,000 on Rebel XTI + 17-85mm IS
2) Spend $1,000 on Canon D60 (Free) + 24-70mm f/2.8 L (~$1,000)

Thanks for the help!

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You should be posting your question in the DSLR section.

Myself, I was choosing between the XTi and the S5is and after trying both, I went with the S5is hands down.


By the time you spend thousands of dollars getting the lenses that has the S5is range, 35-432, you'll need a backpack to lug it around.
I refuse to carry all the bulk you have to with an DSLR and their bulky lenses.
Unless your a Sports PRO and make a living doing that... there is NO need to pack around all that luggage!
I'm a pro as I do digital & webmaster work for a living and this camera works fine for me.
I did well enough with the Sony H1 that I had the past 2 years.
Bottom line is IF you know how to use the camera many features, you can match any SLR photo.
You know... Your photos are only as good as the person behind the lense!
I LOVE this S5is camera!

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Actually, it looks like he already has (posted the same question in the Canon DSLR Forum). Here is the thread:


I've moved this thread to our What Camera Should I Buy Forum

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Thanks. I realized my error later and re-posted in the DSLR section, but then I couldn't figure out how to delete this original one. Thanks for moving.

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