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charitynr Dec 19, 2005 5:23 PM

Ok here is my problem. I am stuck on which Canon Digital Camera to purchase. Either the Digital Rebel XT or the EOS 20D. I can afford the Rebel XT right now. The 20D is about $400 more then the XT . And $400 out of my price range. Do I go ahead and buy the 20D and just pay off the difference over time (would have to charge the difference on credit card) or do I just get the XT and pay cash and be done? I know the proformance difference between the two cameras. I would LOVE to have the 20D. I know it is a faster camera. I shoot mainly weddings buy I am hoping to get more into portraits.

Please help decide what to do. I need to make a decision fast. Settle for the XT because I can afford it or splurge on the 20D and charge the difference?



headhunter66 Dec 21, 2005 2:32 AM

After reading this it looks as though you made your decision already. If you've read up on both of the cameras and feel that you would like the features on the 20D more than the Rebel than that is your answer, the 20D. I don't know if you had a chance to acutally hold both cameras but that would be my suggestion to you. You may go to the store and not care for how the 20D feels or you may jus tlike the Rebel XT better. Although I have held them both and the 20D feels much better to me.

One last thing. The 20D is 400 more than the Rebel XT. But how much would it cost to buy the Rebel XT now and then the 20D later when you realize that is what you wanted in the first place?

Good luck,

Dave Porter

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