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cyboman Nov 15, 2009 8:04 PM

Is Canon DS780 too small?
Hi, I'm looking at buying the Canon DS780 (or DS940), and am wondering if any of you have experience with it, and what you think of it's size. My wife is worried that it will be too small and will be clumsy to manage. She held the DS960 and thought it was much more practical to hold and use. The problem is, we were looking at the cameras at Microcenter, where they have the bulky alarm/lock thing attached to it, so it's hard to get a real feel for the camera.

I really like the size, but am not too keen on it's limited optical zoom, but am willing to live with it to get the compactness. Any thoughts? Thanks!

mtclimber Nov 15, 2009 8:13 PM


Welcome to the Forum. We are glad you dropped by.

The physical size of your camera is really a personal judgment. Personally I find the SD series to be too small for my preference. However, another issue for many people is whether the camera has an optical viewfinder or not. Please be aware that while the SD-780 does have an optical viewfinder, the SD-940 does not have an optical viewfinder. That might make a difference for you.

Also if did not need an optical viewfinder, then yes, there are certainly other camera options out there, in the same price range, that could give you 10X optical zoom and HD video clips. But they naturally have a slightly larger form factor. Those cameras would be the Sony H-20 and the Fuji F-70EXR.

Have a great evening.

Sarah Joyce

KCook Nov 15, 2009 8:48 PM

Good comments by Sarah. I just wanted to add that physical design/style can be issues as well as size. The SD780 has a plain thin shape, flat faces, no embelishments, plus strongly rounded corners. For my hands that does not leave a secure feeling. At least the SD1200 design steps back from this extreme with a thicker case. Of course this is all about style. But there are other brands that do not go in so heavily for the slippery rounded corners. Or feature some sort of raised trim bar on the face of the camera to help grip (common feature on Panasonic). Or a few (mostly Nikon) have a recess on the back to act as a thumb grip.

Another issue can be the control buttons. They may be too tiny, or need too much force to work. Canon usually avoids this issue, but it's something to watch out for with other brands.

fumbles Kelly

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