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dazco Dec 8, 2014 9:14 AM

Canon ELPH 150?
It's been a long time since i bought a camera, my last being a cazio Z80. Note that i an not a camera buff but i do need one for many purposes. So i'm not real anal about quality like most here probably are. But i DO want good quality pis of course and video is also important to me. My most important besides good pic quality are as i said video quality, low light pic quality, and good battery life, and last but certainly not least, point and shoot quality for someone who doesn't want to have to resort to manual settings in order to get good results. I DO want some manual ability because no matter how good there will always be times any camera cannot do well w/o user input. But i don't need much. My Casio Z80 takes some decent pics, but if i don't play with settings like lighting and such it often gets lousy results that can be a lot better if i intervene. But i really don't want to be taking 5 or 10 pics with different settings in hopes one of them turns out right.

Seeing that this camera only lists for $150 and sells for $99 everywhere, I was a bit worried it can't be good because the last time i looked at cameras the good canon pocket cams were running around $300. I realize phones must have affected camera prices but 99 bucks still seems awful low. Just how good is this thing for someone with my requirements? Will it slay my Casio Z80? How good is it compared to the best elphs of 3-5 years ago?

Photoman2014 Dec 8, 2014 2:02 PM

What will you use the camera for? One of the cons of this camera is the low resolution display for viewing photos. Also it only records video up 720p, while most video looks best at 1080p.

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