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Default Canon ELPH 300 HS vs ELPH 310HS

It's been a while since I last posted here.

I need a new point and shoot camera and originally I had a sony W50 from years ago. I was really happy with this camera, however it's old and stopped working

My dad is a very pro-Canon guy so he was sending me some Canon P&S to check out. One of them was the ELPH 100 as a low budget camera, but I'm willing to spend a bit more than this since its not like I buy a new camera very often.

The elph 100 put me onto the 300. Which I really like, minus the smaller screen (not sure why they went from the 3" on the 100 to the 2.7" on the 300). Anyways I loved the feel, look and ease of use of the camera in store. I was pretty set that this was the camera of choice. however I was a little disappointed with the screen, not the size but the resolution almost looked grainy.

But then, I saw the 310, this complicated things. It has the bigger screen and (I have yet to see it ON in person) apparently a MUCH better resolution. It also has the benefit of a larger zoom (not a huge deal, but more zoom is always nice) and allows you to get a little closer for macro shots, this is valuable to me. I also read that its a little "Smarter" than the 300 in picking modes and whatnot..
The downside is the lens is apparently not as wide when fully retracted? I read this can hurt its low light pictures, and ive also read that some people take the 300 primarily becuase of the "better" lens. Some even say it gets better shots, but i have yet to see side by size comparisons of shots.
On top of this (again having not seen it in person) I'm not as big of a fan of the 310s body, its a little too rounded and "fat" looking for me in the pictures ive seen, but again I havent seen it in person. I like square, but obviously this is just personal preference and not a deciding factor.

So, I'm really torn between the two. Tomorrow is boxing day and so far the best deals I've seen is $160 (CDN) for the 300, and $240 for the 310, this is a pretty significant difference in price, but again its for the long run so i want to get the camera I'll be more happy with. I dont want to get the one with the smaller screen and regret not getting the 310, but i also dont want to get the 310 and find out i couldve gotten better shots with the 300 for less money.

Any thoughts? I've read in reviews that its not really worth the upgrade to the 310 if you own the 300, which i agree with. But what if you dont own the 300, which would you get?

Sorry for the long length! thanks!
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I ended up purchasing the 300 today.. I liked the 310 but I had a hard time justifying the extra $80~..

so far enjoying it, but yet to get it out of the house and put it to the real life test
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Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing. And Merry Christmas!
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