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First post and I must say reading the reviews of these cameras here at this site has made me think twice. I was initially going towards getting the Canon 1ds MkII but finding out that it only has 4 fos shooting speed and the Nikon has around 8, I am beginning to lean towards the Nikon more. It seems that apparently Canon does not have a best of both worlds camera. Any advice? I am going :?here. Thanks.
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I don't own either cam, but Steve's review here suggests that the Nikon has a bit of a noise problem above ISO200.

Also, the 1DS is 16mp versus the Nikon 12mp, which will probably make a small difference.

Suprisingly the Nikon D2X sync's to only 1/250th, whereas the "cheaper" Nikons sync to 1/500th.

Sometimes I wish I could do fill flash at 1/500th on moving subjects.

What will you use the 8fps for? Sports?

Do you already own Nikon glass?

-- Terry

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I dont own Nikon lenses. My current camera is a 20d and I want to get an upgraded camera while keeping the 20d as a backup. Since I amwas going to buy some new glass and a new camera anyway I decided to post...because I couldnt choose between the D2x and the 1ds mk 2. Sure the mk2 will leave a bigger dent in the pocket and thus less to get more glass so that is a big deciding factor as well. The 8fps would be great for sports and action shots. I am quite used to the 5 fps from my 20d and it has more than once saved meon more than a few occasions on getting some really good shots.
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