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I have been having a really tough time deciding between these two cameras (Canon EOS 350D vs the Nikon D50) and I wanted to get some other opinions.

I've read plenty of reviews on both the cameras and both seem to be highly recommended but I want to know of problems that I could potentially run into using one versus the other.

I am a beginner to DSLRs as well as photography on the whole. I am interested in gaining more experience and I'm willing to get a decent camera to start.


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some people dig the canons and some the nikons. but there are those that don't like either.
i, myself, have owned a d50 and was thrilled with that camera.
i think you would be advantaged if you took into consideration the pentax k100d which has built-in picture stabilization, unlike the canon/nikon that only has that in expensive lenses.
i won't tell you what camera to choose. you can only do that by yourself. i'll just tell you why i didnt chose the nikon d50's counterparts when i jumped on the dslr boat. first, canon: didnt like the ergonomics of the camera; didnt like the fact that canon dumbs-down its models on purpose according to price; didnt like the fact that canon doesnt have a backward lens compatibility (for the rebel line) as extensive as pentax/nikon; the 350's price was unjustified to that of the D50, to me. second, the pentax: didnt like the fact that it used AA batteries; the k100d wasnt available yet (in-camera picture stabilization would have been a pretty good decisive factor); couldnt find a good deal; the k10d wasnt available and pentax looked like it was going nowhere. now, at that time I was also condsidering the minoltas (5d and 7d). they are not available anymore and sony is not a dslr system i wanna be part of.
why i chose nikon: great ergonomics; good backward compatibility; good battery life; i got a good deal; offered more control; didnt feel like i was getting the lesser model just because i payed less, if you know what i mean.
so, this is it, as far as i am concerned. if i were you, i'd give the pentax k100d a second thorough look. if you wanna get the kit lens (18-55mm) the word on the street is that pentax's 18-55'er is the best of the 18-55'ers.
good luck in your choice making!

p.s. and if you were wondering why i said i "owned" a d50, well, it's because since then i have decided that digital won't cut it for me so i sold the d50 and got myself the f80 slr. cheers!
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