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stlphoto Nov 14, 2005 4:14 PM

Any chance that a new Rebel XT will be out very soon (Like a "Rebel XT2").

I'm looking at this camera or the KM Maxxum 5D and concerned that a newer camera would come out a few months after.

Any insight is appreciated......Thanks.

RacingManiac Nov 14, 2005 4:33 PM

Rebel XT itself is a new(er) model no? I don't see Canon coming out with a new one anytime soon(400D?).

nymphetamine Nov 14, 2005 5:39 PM

I am bit slanted towards KM. The KM 5D is a great camera and there are talks abt a 9D or/and 7DII release sometime very early next year. Even if u buy a 5D it will definitely have a good resale value if ur planning to move to the next model.

The biggest advantage of 5D over XT is the Anti -SHake inside the camera body. And ability to shoot at ISO-3200(KM5D

At this time of the year, i would buy a KM 5D collect some lens and when i see an upgrade i will buy the body.

And remember any lense you use is an Anti Shake lens unless a XT where an anti shake lens costs a fortune(atleast to me:blah:)

Canon is a brand name so established that we misjudge what KM 5D is capable of. Imagine taking shots hand held whereas the same shot would ahve needed a tripod or a really really steady hand..

Anti Shake is the future. But it comes to a point what u like the most.


fitzc Nov 14, 2005 11:46 PM

Historically Canon introduces new dslr bodies and lenses twice a year, spring and fall, therefore it is unlikely anything new will be introduced before next spring, and it is doubtful the XT will see a replacement at that time. I am not familar with Minolta's release schedule nor product line.

Last spring I was ready to replace my digital point and shoot because I was missing shots because of shutter lag and write times mainly. I researched a bit and was able to afford a dslr so I made the switch. I am pleased I didn't wait because of the photos I would have missed if not for the dslr's performance over the point and shoot.

So, if you do not have immediate requirements to purchase, it could be to your advantage to see what is released in the next few months (after the camera show in March when most manufacturers reveal their new stuff). If you are missing opportunities, consider getting your camera now and start shooting. Most all the dslr's being offered today are fine tools. Regards-

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