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Default Canon FS200 or JVC GZ-MS120

Hey everyone .

After doing a week of research and watching videos on You Tube. I thought I had made the final decsion to purchase the JVC GZ-MS120.

However when I was looking at the shops website I am going to be buying my camcorder from. I noticed that the Canon FS200 isn't much more than the JVC GZ-MS120.

So now I am confused as to which camcorder I should buy. So can someone please help me decide what would be the better camcorder for me?

I know the specs are very similar.

Canon Specs: http://tinyurl.com/ydtywcz

JVC Specs: http://tinyurl.com/y9z44sa

But the Canon FS200 records 16:9 video at 1152 x 648 and when the camcorder is in XP recording mode it records video at 9Mbps.

The JVC GZ-MS120 records 16:9 video at 640x360 and when the camcorder is in Ultra Fine recording mode I am told it records video at 8.5Mbps.

I am not to sure what FPS either of these cameras record in. So if anyone can please let me know what the recording FPS rate is of these cameras I would greatly appreciate it .

As for the price difference there is a $70.00 price difference between them with the Canon FS200 being more expensive.

However with the Canon FS200 I get a free 16GB memory card with the camera.

But JVC is currently running a promotion at the moment, where if you buy a JVC camcorder you get a genuine spare battery and genuine case for free. Apparently this is worth $120.00 on it's own.

I guess both cameras have other features that I like about them and of course too many to really list in this post. But I like the idea of the dual memory cards in the JVC. Plus JVC accessories seem to be alot cheaper to purchase over Canon accessories, such as batteries and things.

However Canon has the Wind Screen function which I am sure would come in handy plus I like the hand held strap on the Canon better. But not that I will be using it that much as it will be mounted on a tripod most of the time.

But what I am mainly after is quality over quantity. I want the camera mainly for recording my motorbike rides and maybe some videoing around the house. But it will be used on my motorbike more than anything else. So I guess image stability is a priority here and I am unsure if the Canon DiG!C DVII image processor is better or equal to the JVC's HD Gigabrid engine.

I have watched some videos on YouTube and there is some nice motorbike videos recorded with the JVC GZ-MS120 as shown here.


Sadly I cannot seem to find any motorbike video recordings with the Canon FS 200 so I cannot do a proper comparison. The closest video I could find with the Canon recording video on the move was inside a car and is located here.


So any help in me choosing between these cameras would be greatly appreciated .
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