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Looking to buy my wife a "purse camera" that I can live with. Really want tack sharp pictures with accurate color (don't we all). I thought I was ready to pull the trigger on an Canon SD400, but along comes a couple of recommendations on the Fuji F10 and it's lowlight capability and now I'm wondering.

Also want to know what others think of the Kodak V530, Fuji F460 and the Nikon Z1.

thanks again, J.
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Hey J,
If you are looking for color accuracy Minolta will be your answer, same colors like reality (most people prefer Canon's color exaggeration).

I recommend you to stay away from Fuji FinePix F10 and Kodak V530.

Canon and Nikon both are well built and superb electronics, it's a matter of taste from now on.

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I have the Fuji F10, and I love it. It has a couple caveats but every camera has its compromises. It lacks an optical viewfinder, is missing some advanced controls, and has a proprietary battery. I have not missed the viewfinder, but that is a personal thing. I expected that I would, but the lcd is clear and bright in all but the most rediculous circumstances. I also don't miss the advanced controls, I doubt most casual users dive that deeply into any cameras menu, but if you do it is something to consider. This is a P&S for my family, if I want advanced controls I take a SLR with me. The proprietary battery is what bugs me the most, and it also has never let me down. I believe it will take at least the 500 shots fuji advertises between charges, but I'd prefer it took AA so if I did have a power failure I could run to any drugstore to repower.

On the good side, it is very quick. Very. No more missing a shot while waiting for the camera. It does have great low light capabilities, the flash is the best I've ever had in a compact camera. It's very easy to use and takes a beating. (I have 5 and 7 yr old boys who both use the camera almost daily, it has been dropped, kicked, and wet several times and still works great. ) 6.3 mp, and the image quality is great. Check out Steves sample pics. All in all, we love it- small, fast, great quality pictures, and rugged.

Perhaps Daydreamer could elaborate on why you should run from this camera, I cannot.
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If I wanted a point and shoot camera the Fuji F10 and Kodak V550 would be high on my list. They both take excellent photos and movies.

The V550 combine a high resolution LCD with a viewfinder in a small camera. The V550 is a marvel with a 2.5 inch high resolution LCD plus a viewfinder. You can use the optical zoom while recording movies (albeit with some audio noise) and the MPEG 4 compression lets you put a lot on a card. The downside of the high resolution screen is that you don't get great battery life. But you can take well over a hundred pictures on a battery, and that is plenty for most people.

The V530 has the great movies with optical zoom, but has a smaller LCD and no optical finder. I would choose the F10 over it even though the movies take more space, you can't use optical zoom with movies and the LCD isn't nearly as high resolution.

The F10 has the highest photo resolution of any small camera and is better than most large ones. The lens is excellent. The high ISO with acceptable noise allows you to shoot handheld without a flash in a lot more situations. And battery life is exceptional. If it had a viewfinder I would probably have one even though it is P&S. You can do a lot with spot metering and EV shift.

You would do better to pay a little extra for the Canon SD 450 instead of the 400. The SD400 had a lot of problems with cracked LCDs, and that has been addressed in the 450. Most warranties don't cover cracked LCDs, and I think a purse might be a bad place for a fragile LCD. It is an excellent little camera with a decent flash and good photo quality. You can't zoom with movies and the movies take a lot of space. If your wife isn't likely to fiddle with the ISO on the Fuji it might be a better choice. The F10 I think defaults to ISO 400 for flash, and you would want to lower that if you didn't need the extra range. If she is likely to just point and shoot the SD450 or V550 might be better choices than the F10.

I'm not familiar with the Nikon Z1. If you mean the Nikon S1 or Fuji Z1, they both have fairly weak flashes. The Z1 has better image quality and better low light capability, although not up to the F10. Neither focus well in low light even though the Z1 has a focus assist lamp – the S1 doesn't. It also has better movies. If you want a camera without a viewfinder go with the F10. The thickness difference might be significant in jeans pockets, but probably not a purse.

I don't know enough to comment about the Fuji F460.

I know a digital camera doesn't replace a camcorder. But 640 X 480 movies at 30fps are quite nice, and sometimes she might not have both a camera and camcorder in her purse. Some people overdo it and you get vertigo watching their movies, but an optical zoom can be handy during movies.

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I guess right now I'm leaning towards the F10. I don't care for the xD format, when the SD works in my old camera (Oly E100RS), plus it's a little more expensive than the SD400. I guess that's what it all boils down to, do I spend a little more for the F10 or go wi th the Sd400
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