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Well, I'm wanting to upgrade to a bit newer camera. I've mostly been using a Canon A530 and I have a few older higher end models... G1, G2, Panasonic FZ3 all of which are capable of higher quality than the A530 and take fabulous lower resolution shots.

Anyway, I love the G1 and G2 so my instinct is to go with a G9 or even a G7 if I found one locally that was discounted and brand new. I'm not a megapixel junkie at all and I believe that ~3 MP is fine for my needs. So I'm wondering if a Nikon D40 with the 18-55 lens. I don't have an issue with the size difference and I doubt I'd ever buy any lenses for the Nikon unless there's something that is a bit faster (F-stop wise, not autofocus wise) for a little more money.

I'm pretty informal. I do events sometimes, but mostly I like fairly close architectural shots and detail achitectural shots so it will pretty much be the camera and a polarizer and not much else.

So if I'm never going to print beyond 8x10 and mostly just work in computer anyway, does the D40+18-55

Or should I just stick to my G2 and take a couple more classes?
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Welcome to the forums!

My initial response is to recommend a dSLR over a P&S, but I'll hold that in abeyance for now.

The G9 is a 12MP camera, which will give you a lot more to work with in post processing (Cropping, editting, correction, etc.) than the 6MP Nikon D40.

On the other hand, for the type of photography you say you want to do (Architecture), I think you would want a wider angle than the G9 would give you. The G9 gives you an angle of view of about 63°, while the kit lens on the D40 would give you an angle of view of about 80°. And, should the need arise, you can get an even wider lens for the D40. While there are add-on lenses for the G9, they aren't very good as far as optical quality is concerned.

I think I would like to get more megapixels if I were you, especially if I wanted a lot of detail, so I think I'd be more interested in the D60. But between the G9 and the D40, I'd go with the D40 because of the greater angle of view.
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Thanks for the reply... Those are basically my thoughts as well. I do wish that more prosumer (is that word even used anymore?) cameras started at 24 or 28mm equivalent rather than 35. I was mostly interested in any direct comparison of image quality of the 18-55 Nikon lens vs the G7 or G9 lenses. I know of the issues with the G9 and particularly the G7 with regards to noise over ISO 200, but I rarely use anything other than 50 or 80 with most of my stuff.

Thanks again.
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These links should provide some comparisons on the G9 and D40 images;



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