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Aquie May 30, 2006 6:37 AM

I want to buy one of these cameras (Canon Ixus 55 (Powershot 450), Kodak V550, Casio Z750)
But I don't know which one to chose.

My favorite is the Canon Ixus 55 at the moment, but the other two cameras seem to me as good as the Canon. Which one would you recommend? I read Steves review on the Kodak and Casio, but there is none of the Canon.
Even though I read the revies, I didn't see many differences.

One important question is, is the picture quality of the casio still as goos as described, when I change it to 5 mp? Or even 3? I don't want to use 7,2 mp all the time especially on holidays, it takes to much space.

I also didn't saw many differences in the picture quality.
Can you tell me which one of these has the best quality? What is bad about the Kodak and Casio is, that you can only charge them in the DockStation.
This is really uncomfortable when you're travelling.

I'd be really grateful for any help! Maybe you even have another camera that's better? (But please one which uses SD cards)

Greets and thx in advance, Aquie

monx May 30, 2006 9:14 AM


test on the ixus 55

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