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To all users,

I'm planning to buy my first digital camera, but not really have much knowledge about digital camera. So, i'm here wish to get some info and experience from users of both cameras.

Do both camera produce good, clear and sharp pictures?? Approximately how many shots can be taken by both camera before the fully charged battery runs out??

As i see from some Internet review, it stated Canon LCD is easily crack. Did this problem stil occuring?? Also the error18??

For Sony camera, did the red-eye problem still occur if the red-eye problem turned on??

I'm hoping to get some feedback. Please post if anyone is using the camera. Either one will do too. Thanks!!
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Read the reviews here and pay close attention to the Review Conclusion Section. That's where you'll find things like battery life discussed.

As for image quality, check out the sample images at the end of each review. Usually, some of the same subjects are included in each cameras's Sample Images to make it easier to compare cameras you're considering.

As for redeye, it's a problem with any smaller camera in some conditions. As a general rule, the closer the flash is to a camera's lens, the more likely you will get redeye in some conditions. But, it's not too hard to correct via software.

If you want to avoid redeye, your best bet is a larger camera using an external flash located as far away from the lens as posssible. I even see redeye in hotshoe attached strobes from time to time. A bracket that places the flash even further away from the lens is sometimes needed when you get further away from a subject.

As for the LCD cracking and E18 problems... I see my share of reports. But, then again, Canon sells a lot of cameras, and the people reporting problems are likely to be a very small percentage of users (and impact damage can also play a role in these reported problems).

I see my share of Sony problems reported, too. No camera is immune to problems.

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i tried out the w50 in store, and it's really easy to use. battery life states 390 pics on full charge, thats really good. YET, i don't know.. do you know when this camera was available to consumers? I'm just wondering really hard when Sony will come out with another cybershot W series that is THINNER.. the w50 is an inch thick!
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but i guess like JimC says, the smaller/thinner it is, the less immune it is to problems. ARGH!! :angry:
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