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rabanne Aug 6, 2004 10:02 AM

If i am writing here it's, of course, because I'd like to buy a new digital camera.

What do I need of?

Well, the market offers a lot choice and I amslightly confused. After I'd read through every review I found, I am uncertain on three cameras (maybe you could suggest me something else):

1 - Canon 300D digital rebel (about 1100 Euro with lens)

2 - Olympus 8080 (850 Euro)

3 - Panasonic DMC LC1 (1000 Euro)

Really, I like the panasonic camera but is it a wothwhile purchase?

Canonis avery good cameras but Canon maybe is too big and I couldn't use it everyday (I now own a Canon G1 and I use it everyday at work and it is esay to carry it and my videocamera when I travel).

Also Olympus is a great camera but could I use it like an "old style film reflex" like my poor ( and no more often used) nikon?

I hope you can help me to resolve my doubt.

thank you

StevieD Aug 9, 2004 1:39 PM

I also am having the same question. After reading the reviews I am down to the Olympus 8080 and the Digital Rebel. 6mp vs.8mp, but a different sensor and different imaging size. I am pretty sure either will print fine on the wideformat A3 paper. Just looking for the better image/quality.

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