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Default Canon P&S compact alternative

I am looking to replace my Panasonic FX01 which has become obsolescent.

For my better photography I already have a lumix LX5 and am happy with it but it does not slip easily into a pocket when I am hiking or doing other active pursuits.

I am looking for a camera that decent image quality and performs well in available light without flash. I do not need or want wi-fi, touch screen, raw or gps. Happy with optical zoom 8 or less. I prefer lens quality over megapixels. Detector type does not matter.

I do want a camera no larger than 3.5 X 2 X 1 inch and one where the lens does not extend beyond the body when turned off. Preferably there is a built in cover over the lense when closed.

Because this will be just a toss in my pocket point and shoot I would like to keep the discount price < $150 USD. I do not need the latest and a 2011 or 2012 model would be fine.

I have done considerable homework and keep coming back to various Canon models that seem to offer the best "bang for buck" but am leery about purchasing one with all of the reports about lens retraction failures on Canon P&S models. Yes I am aware of their willingness to repair failed units but their release said only within "the useful life of the camera". I am pretty sure that their definition of useful life is different from mine.

So any suggestions for a camera that fits the bill and is not a Canon?

My first requirement is size and flat contour with lens closed. My second is non-flash low light performance.

Thanks for any help

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look at the older cameras in the canon elph series. at least some have almost flat areas around the area where the lenses retract. not the best in low light, but the ones with the shortest zooms offer the widest apertures. my husband has an SD4000 (the only elph i know of with full manual) and while it has only 3.8x zoom, it has an f/2.0 lens.

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Default Original author followup

I am getting less response than I hoped for.

I do understand that I am not going to get a great low light camera with the size and price limitations I specified but:

To be more concise:

Opinions on best pocketable low light camera currently available new with retail price < $250 which probably means street price < $150.

Reviewers do not seem to cover this issue in this price range. It may be that all compact cameras in this price range are poor low light performers based on lens and detector. If you start looking for low light compact camera reviews you end up in the $600-1000 price range. As I said I already have an LX5 which I like but it is not easily pocketable.

To the one responder thanks for the information on the Canon Elp. But it does not appear to be available new at this time.

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You're right in that a good low light performer is out of the price range you specify- and probably the reason for a limited response...
Maybe take a peek at Panasonic's FS45.
It's small,has a relatively fast f/2.5 lens at wideangle (24mm), 5x zoom and can be had for little money. But as a rule of thumb,low outlay doesn't equate to low light performance...
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