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Karmin Jan 21, 2009 1:10 AM

Hello friends in this great forum. The usual dilemma. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm a Nikon DSLR guy. I have two P & S: Fuji S5200 and Sony R1. Now I want a compact camera. Doesn't have to be stylish and sport a credit card form factor. This camera would be mostly for party shots and keeping it in my pocket in case I stumble on an alltime photo occasion. So I bought a Canon Digital Elph SD 1100 IS. Not blown away by the IQ. Construction is great though. And it's made is Japan and has IS. I paid 179$ + txs in Canada (211$). I could get my hand on a Power Shot A 470 at 99$ (111$ tx) telling myself 200$ plus is a lot to take party shots and "in case" photos.Plus I have a 30$ gift card for the 470. I'm well surprised by the little dude. Am I wrong but the photos it produces are somewhat better yhan 1110 IS. In th past I had a S2 IS which died on me three months later victim of the dreade E18 error (lens that don't retract). The Elph is proned to E18 too so I read. Dilemma: a less sexy cam with no IS, no view finder and rather poor LCD (115,000) but a a third of the price of the Elph. Or the more fashionable Elph and the anxiety of the E18 error. This E18 was the reason I left Canon for Nikon at the S2 IS time. Is it true Fuji compacts and ultra compacts are the best. Was told to stay out of Panasonic and Sony. Please help me make the light. Germain. Thanks

KCook Jan 21, 2009 1:50 AM

I know the A470 gets decent results, but it's so fuggly I could never buy one. Maybe different in Canada, but in the US market the Best Buy outfit is selling the Panasonic FS3 for just a little more than that A470, well under the SD1100 price. For a cheap 24/7 cam the FS3 would be my druthers. The primary direct competitor with the SD1100 is the Sony W130 or W150 (depending on current pricing).

no help Kelly

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