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My budget is $300
I want a camera to print alot of 8x12
Compact, Durable, Advanced features, produces nice Night Shots and Sunrise shots.

Please give me your opinions.
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The size of the A610 is not at all compact really. It will fit into a coat pocket, but not into a pair of jeans though.
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If you want to print 8X12s, ideally I would say you should get a bigger camera than the A610, something with a big lens and a big sensor. This page


shows interesting photo comparisons to make the point that, the smaller a camera is, the more grain in the images - and a higher megapixel number can make this even worse.

So, yeah, DEFINITELY the A610 over the Casio if you want to make big enlargements. But I would suggest you consider something like a Fuji S7000/S9000, a Canon S2-IS, a Minolta Z6, a Fuji S5200, or something else with a big lens. With a budget of $300, you can probably get a Panasonic FZ4, a Minolta Z3, a Canon S1-IS, or a Fuji S5100, which have fewer megapixels but may still take sharper images that are better for enlargements (as the link above shows).

The Fuji F10 also can apparently keep grainy-ness WAY down, so that's another one you may want to consider.

And if you insist on something really compact, the Fuji Z1 has some of that anti-grain technology that makes the F10's pictures look so good. I think both the F10 and Z1 go for $300.

Of course, when I realized my Panasonic's pictures just weren't quite sharp or smooth enough for the kinds of enlargements I wanted to make, I got a Canon 10D and a couple nice sharp lenses, but that is MUCH more expensive than $300...

I hope that helps.

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