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michael1973 Mar 1, 2006 3:04 AM


I am thinking about replacing my Canon Powershot G6 (since Canon has no follow-up product) with the Panasonic DMC-FZ30, but I am not sure about its photo quality.

1. How is the photo quality of the FZ30 compared to

- the G6?
- the Powershot Pro1?

2. How is the photo quality of the FZ30 compared to the FZ7?

Thanks in advice...


E.T Mar 1, 2006 3:10 PM

You're missing the biggest thing affecting to what camera is best compromise.

What you would mainly photograph?
Is it landscapes/general nature, animals/birds, architecture, indoors, sport etc?
Those long tele ultrazooms just aren't even remotely best options for landscapes and architecture because not so good wide angle. (unlike Pro1 which has more zoom to both directions)

And then is there certain features you would want new camera to have, like that flip&twist LCD?
Or definite size limits? That Panasonic is equally big as (D)SLR.

But as for 1. Optically Leica lenses of these Panasonics are very good. For look of image little different colors aren't big deal, camera's settings affect to those very much but Pana's sensors are more noisy.

And instead of Canon Pro 1 I would suggest looking KonicaMinolta A200, features are very similar but zoom is mechanical (much faster/more accurate to use) and it has image stabilization.

2. Propably almost exactly similar, FZ7 has fewer megapixels but also smaller sensor.

michael1973 Mar 1, 2006 3:38 PM

Big Thanks for your answer. Can you tell me something about the noise in lower ISO modes (80, 100) compared to the G6 or the Pro1? I am really not sure if I should sell my G6 if the noise level of the FZ30 is much higher or even not comparable. Since I have seen prints of the Pro1 a comparison also would make sense for me. Is the noise level of the FZ30 much higher?

So what features should my new camera have?

1. 5x minimum zoom
2. minimum 6 mpx
3. fast focussing
4. image stabilizer or high iso
5. good night shot capability

What do I mainly photograph?

- landscapes, buildings
- portraits

If the G6 would be a bit faster and would have more zoom and an image stabilizer then it would be my perfect camera ;)

E.T Mar 1, 2006 4:48 PM

In lowest sensitivities differences aren't such great but Pana's ISO200 is already considerably noise processed and less processed images of these others would give additional capability in post processing.

michael1973 wrote:

1. 5x minimum zoom
Zoom number doesn't mean anything concretic, it's just ratio of longest and shortest focal length.
Focal lengths are those which are important.


landscapes, buildings
Now that quite much means that real wide angle is really big plus... after all it's often not wise backstep to that street behind you. (and with lanscape backsteps won't help much)

Kodak P880 would have really wide 24mm wide angle but its tele is propably exatly same as G6's so 28-200mm of Pro1/A200 could be much better compromise.
I do mainly general nature photography and sky phenomenons and 200mm is quite enough for most things. (except wild animals/birds)

Pro1 and A200 have exactly same sensor so differences come from different incamera processing settings... also A200 has usable RAW mode (buffers 5 shots, in Pro1 you'll wait ~10s before next shot) which would give additional capability for lower light. (it's easier to remove noise without destroying so much details from well converted RAW than from incamera processed JPEG, but even with JPEG Neat Image/Noise Ninja can help much)
And image stabilization enables two-three stops longer exposure without tripod and with stationary targets (architecture/lanscapes) that can give big advantage.

As for A200's speed compared to G6 I'm not sure is there much differences and don't have now time to search that but previous model, KonicaMinolta A2 is much faster in shot to shot time, also focusing is fast for non-SLR... while A2 lacks flip&twist LCD (only tilting one) its high res EVF with 4x resolution (922 000 pixel) compared to any other EVF&LCD of digicams more than balances that.
So it might be worth to look around if you can find one of those, there's some A2s in eBay... and here's one.

michael1973 Mar 2, 2006 6:09 AM

As I have been always a friend of the Canon Powershot Series: Is there anybody who had a G3, G5 or G6 and now a FZ30? I really would like to know how big the noise problem of the FZ30 is (especially in low ISO modes 80 to 200)...

E.T Mar 2, 2006 11:23 AM

Why is it that Reviewers can't take noise test shots always from same target setup! :angry::angry:

What I've gathered at lowest ISO there shouldn't be much difference in noise level... but while Pana's visible noise level isn't much worser at ISO200 or ISO400 it comes at price of noise processing blurring details.

FZ30 ISO80: (lower ISO)
KM A2:

There isn't noise test shots with same setup for FZ30 but here's ISO200 with different setup... Notice blurring of text in magazines.

A2: (slight not effective NR)

KM A2: (+not effective NR)

KM A2 ISO800 (+not effective NR)

Now here's quick Noise Ninja processed ISO400 and ISO800 shots of A2: (self extracting RAR, save/copy file to folder you want and doubleclick)
Doesn't look such bad at all?
With RAW results would be better because it would skip substandard incamera noise processing.
(A200 has better incamera processing)

PS. What you say about thing that reviewers critisized A2 as really noisy but they accept high megapixel small sensor ultrazooms whose shots aren't very noisy only because of heavy processing?

michael1973 Mar 3, 2006 3:31 AM

The A2 shots look quite nice indeed! But how good is its shooting performance in regard to shutter lag, focussing, etc.?

Anyways, in the meantime I have seen many new pics that were taken with the FZ30 and I recognized its noise problem even in ISO 100...and I don't like to use external software solutions for image processing.

I have read the reviews of the Panasonic F7 by Steve and the one by Simon Joinson (dpreview) and it seems as the pictures taken with that cam have not the same massive noise problem.

Another alternative would be the Fuji 9500 (here in Germany it is "9000"). The image quality seems to be excellent and it has a wide-angle lens, but it lacks of an image stabilizer.

Then, there is the Canon S3 IS, which is planned to be released in May...that could be another alternative. I really like the "canon color" and the excellent battery life.

I think I'm stuck...:?

michael1973 Mar 8, 2006 6:58 AM

Finally I decided to buy the S9000, because of the wide-angle and its better low light performance. The image quality in low ISO is quite good as well which for me was the showstopper of the FZ30 (noise visible in dark and unicolored areas even in low ISO).

Anyways, thank you very much for your replies!

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