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Hi, I've owned many cameras over the years and currently own a Sony DSC-T1, Canon SD500 and a Canon PowerShot Pro1. My dilemma right now is, should I sell my Canon PowerShot Pro1 (L-series lens) which is a SLR-like camera and get an Olympus E-300 which is a SLR. I know most of you are going to tell me to not waste my time with the E-300 and pick up a Rebel XT or D50 instead. I have a lot of CF cards including 80X high speed ones so that rules out the D50. I would really love the Rebel XT but I am on a tight budget. Let's just say, I will be breaking about even if I pick up the E-300. One of my buddies is getting out of photography and he has a mint condition E-300 to sell to me cheaply. So is it worth it?
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Different strokes and all that, but I've very pleased with my E-300, and am convinced that it is significantly underrated. The only place that performance doesn't really match the XT is in high ISO shooting, but judicious use of a NR program like Noise Ninja or Neatimage (or a RAW developer with integrated NR like Silkypix) will clean up high ISO shots very nicely, and without having to accept the level of NR equipped by default in the XT.
The e-300 deal with the two kit lenses is a steal if you can find it--the Oly kit glass is superior to the kit lenses with the XT, and you get the added benefit of the Oly exclusive sensor dust buster and in-camera pixel mapping.

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why don't you go try out your buddies e-300 for a day or so... take some shots side-by-side with your pro1.. then make your decision based on that..

and if you are getting it cheaply, and don't like it, you can always turn around and sell it and more than likely won't lose anything..
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