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Default Is a Canon Rebel right for me?

I am looking to upgrade. I'm still a novice, but I need to start getting better pics. What I am mainly looking to do with my new camera is shoot action. My boys both play football, soccer, baseball. I have no idea what kind of camera to get. I would like to be able to snap in succession and also at times from a distance say of 200 feet, but more in the 50 to 100 foot range. Anyone got any advice? Thanks
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Welcome to the Forum. We're pleased that you dropped by.

To do what you desire you would have the camera body cost, and a specialized long zoom lens if there are any night games. What kind of photos and cameras do you normally shoot, and what kind of budget have you allowed for this new camera.

Sarah Joyce
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The AF system is the best in the entry level market. So it will do a nice job tracking you kids playing sports. But there are other thing to consider. Are these day or night games. If it is night the zoom lenses that you will need will get expensive, and may not give you the reach you may want to cover the whole field. But if it is day time, you are looking at a 550 dollar lens, compare to a min of 900 for a night time lens with a big aperture with shorter reach.
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so one lense wouldn't work for both night and day? Daytime is more important at this point.
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I have a Nikon coolpix at the moment. And most of my pics are of people, and especially sports. Budget isn't really an issue. I don't want to break the bank, but if it's something that will make it easier for me, I'm willing to spend some dough.
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Canon's entry level dSLRs have better autofocus systems for sports/action shooting. For daytime sports, the Canon 70-300 IS USM would be a good choice, if you can get close (sidelines for football and soccer, dugout or thereabouts for baseball.) If you'll be shooting from the stands, you'll need something longer, like the Canon 100-400 IS USM. And for night games, in order to keep the shutter speed fast in lower light, you'll need a larger aperture lens, like Sigma's 100-300mm f/4.0 or 120-300mm f/2.8.
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you said:My boys both play football, soccer, baseball

How old are your boys? I shoot all of the above sports and I need to help set your expectations - shooting sports is probably one of the most challenging areas of photography. There is also no one-size-fits-all solution. I'll start with my typical info - sports shooting requires 4 things:
1) proper camera body - Canon and Nikon offer the best sports bodies. BUT not necessarily the entry level bodies. THe canon 1000d has a less-than-stellar focus system. You need to step up to the T1i to get a good focus system. THere are other attributes that are important in a body but we'll leave that for later.

2) proper lens - there is no single lens that works for all sports. The two critical factors in determining what your lens requirements are:
a) distances. I'll know those when you tell me what level of play for each of the sports (teeball, little leage, HS varsity, etc) AND where you are shooting from (dugout/sideline vs behind fence vs. in stands)

b) light levels - day vs.night games - please specify for each sport

3. Skill set - sports shooting isn't rocket science but it does require a skill set - it is absolutely NOT a point-and-shoot style of photography. So you'll have to learn some things to make your shots better. And, you'll find that each sport is different - they each have their own challenges which require some different skills to overcome. We have some experienced shooters on this site so we can help you learn but if you just want a "better point-and-shoot" solution you'll be disappointed with the results.

4. Location - a sad fact of the matter is your shooting location makes a big difference. How big depends on the sport and specifics. Shooting from the parents area of a tee-ball game is no problem. Shooting from outside the fence at a HS varsity football game however isn't going to produce good shots.

So - if you give some more details on what level of play for each sport and where you will be able to shoot from we can discuss some lens options. Then you'll likely have to make some decisions about what compromises you can live with. Sports shooting can get expensive fast - think $2000-$3000 to get started. You can do it for less to be sure but wanted to be strait with you that depending on your answers, the gear you need to buy may not match your budget. But the goal is to give you all the info BEFORE you spend your money.
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