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Hi Guys & Gals...

I need some help deciding on a camera. I'm considering the following Canon S2-IS, Canon A700 or Sony DSC-H1. I will mainly use the camera to photograph computer hardware such as cases, motherboards, videocards and other items. I usually photograph these items on a white surface and background in sun lit room. I also want to use the camera to take family picture indoors and out. Which camera would you suggest or should I consider something else. I don't want to pay more then $350 and really don't need more then 5-6 megapix.

Oh and if you want to check out my hardware site please visit http://www.systemcooling.com. Thank you...

Oh I need the camera to be able to take detailed close-ups of chips, capacitors and transisters...

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RybakT wrote:
Oh I need the camera to be able to take detailed close-ups of chips, capacitors and transisters...
I suppose you would need images to be distortion free and without chromatic aberration and great corner softness.

That's what S2's much touted supermacro does.
Especially PCBs and ICs would show geometry errors.

And when it comes to lightning, S2 achieves small photographed areas only from very close (few cm lens to target) distance meaning lightning target is extremely hard, practically impossible because only few targets can be lighted from back.
And again it's tele macro isn't anyhow special, area isn't smallest possible and using 420mm focal length means you also need tripod or better lightning to avoid shake induced blurring. (or stable hands)

Rootkit virus Sony's camera is very similar, smallest areas are just larger.
And compacts generally have only wide angle distortion macro mode.

KonicaMinolta A200 would be about best camera for this kind macros, its tele macro takes distortion free shots from about 5cm wide area while distance to target stays around nice long 13cm which gives plenty of room for lightning target.

Here's shot I took from "lightning tested" ADSL modem for thread considering quite similar needs.
Actually this was taken with KM A2 but lens is same. Room was badly lighted and only light came from 0.5x1m window.

(click for bigger pic)

Also ordinary close up lenses would work well in it:

PS. No need for extra cooling here during winters
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