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Hello everyone, I am losing my mind trying to figure out what camera to get. I would like the ultra zoom option, however, I don't always want to carry around a bulky camera.

I saw the Canon S3 and it is a very nice, however, it is a little bulky. So I was considering getting the Canon A570IS with an extra 2X or 3X lense. That way I could get the ultra zoom when I want it, but it would be compact enough to fit in the pocket when I don't need the UZ.

What would be the disadvantages of getting the 570 IS over the S3 IS? My main concerns are whether I will lose quality and manual options, etc. What I need to determine is whether the smaller size is worth the loss in options/capabilities.

Thank you for your kind response
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The principal disadvantage of the Canon A-570IS over the Canon S-3IS is that it has 4X optical zoom, while the S-3IS has 12X of optical zoom. Accessory lenses to increase the zoom of the A-570IS are bulky and have to pe put and taken off many times.

If the size of the S-3IS is a factor, take a good look at the Canon A-710IS that has a smaller form factor and gives you 6X of optical zoom. The A-710 is a highly rated camera and priced somewaht lower than the S-3IS.

Sarah Joyce
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