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xkegsx Nov 30, 2005 4:19 PM

Best overall camera of the two in your opinion. Simple.

Carskick Nov 30, 2005 5:38 PM

I personally would prefer the e900 for several reasons. Personally, I do not care for the s80 has a sliding front cover an an unprotected LCD, both of which I do not prefer, but that is more of prefrence. However, the S80 will produce noiser pictures due to it's smaller sensor and it's hard to beat Fuji's compact noise processing.

Don't get me wrong, the S80 has some nice benefits, esspecially if you need wide angle. However, the e900 has a bit more telephoto. I actually owned an e550 for a while, which is a similar camera in design, but Fuji eventually replaced it with the F10 due to a reoccuring lens spot. I personally prefer the Fuji's menu system. I have used multiple Canon's before, and the menu system rellys on symbols far too much, and it seems cluttered. The primary downside to the E900 IMO would be the lack of a resolution setting between 9 and 5. 9 Seems like a little much for average use. I'll bet using the 5 setting will still give you fantastic prints up to letter size, and will conserve space on you camera and hard drive.

The e900 is actually about $100 cheaper, and in my opinion, is the better buy

xkegsx Nov 30, 2005 8:31 PM

I can get the e900 for 400 and the S80 for 450 so the price diff really doesn't mean all that much to the choosing of the camera.

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