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Bonefish Feb 8, 2006 3:57 AM

I would like some input of users that might have the Canon S80, or even better someone who has owned both the Canon S series as well as the Sony's P and W series.

I recently sold my Sony DSC-W7 and I am now in the market for a new camera. I have looked at the Canon S80 and I must say that's my top choice right now. I guess I am comparing image quality to my old W7, using this portal as well as other digital review pages. Some reviews favor the W7 over the S80 when talking about image quality. one online reviewer stated that the S70 had better image quality than the S80, which seems strange to me. I have also visited a few local camera stores, which all seem to favor Canon S80 over the W and P series, but in almost all stores, the clerks made this judgment just by the name "Canon". "I would choose the Canon over any Sony camera" – were some of the responses I got. Hopefully I can get some unbiased replies through posting here.

I require portability in my digital camera, since I do lots of outdoor things (fly-fishing, diving etc) but both series cameras are small enough. I would like maximum image quality, and price is not a factor. The new Sony series will probably come out in a month or 2, that's usually what the price drops on means; does anyone know anything about those new Sony's coming out? differences that the new sony's might have would maybe be ISO-64, 8.1MP. LCD improvement (looking at the DSC-N1's specs)

So if you are a S80 owner, or even better: used to use Sony and now went over the Canon, let me know about quality differences etc.

Bonefish Feb 8, 2006 8:19 PM

no oneowns the Canon S80?

[email protected] Feb 8, 2006 9:35 PM

I own the Canon S80.

It is definitely the mercedes of the pocketable point and shoot.

Here's some pro's and con's.


- Nice wide angle on the lens.

- Very good image quality

- The S80 is quality all the way.

- Probably about as large a form factor and weight that you'd want to put in your pocket.

- Large LCD.


- At ISO400 or higher, images get noisy.

- Menus and functions take a while to get used to.

- No RAW format (okay I'm picky).

- Has manual controls, but the cam really just plays into using the shooting modes.

- Confusing manual.

- Not exactly inexpensive.

So there you have it!

-- Terry

Bonefish Feb 12, 2006 10:33 PM


thanks for you reply. Have you noticed any of the following things that i read about the S80? i read some forum posts were some users experienced blurriness in parts of the image, and/or distortions that could cause people to look werid when doing multiple people portrait photographs?

The Canon S80 beeing the mercedes of P&S cams i have heard from many, and i have no doubt that this is the case. Do you think there is a chance that the new Sony's that will come in march will outclass the S80 when talking about overall image quality, or is it safe enough to purchase the S80 right now? Also, which lens technology would you say is superior, that of the Canon or the Carl Zeiss that sony uses?

thanks for you reply


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