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Hi Dustin, (aka Hards80)

Thanks for all your valuable input here. I can tell that you know alot more about photography than I do, but I am very eager to learn more. I can't wait for the S80 to be released and to read some reviews. I hope that you are right about the noise issue. Any thoughts about whether or not the price tag on the S80 will also drop somewhat after its release? I notice that the SD550 is selling for $499.00 at Circuit City and elsewhere but you can pick one up for about $75 less on eBay and some other reputable online vendors. I wonder if the same will happen with the S80, cuz it is a pricey machine.
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i doubt the s80 will waver much in its price until at least christmas time.. so it will be fairly pricey for the forseeable future.. (just a guess based on normal market, not absolutely sure)..

but... there is another option for you.. have you looked into the s70? it offers a 7.1 mp chip and the same 28mm wide angle lens.. acutally the difference in resolution between 7.1 and 8 is very,very small.. and most 7.1 cameras have better noise handling capabilities than their 8mp cousins.. its slightly larger, but still quite manageable in size andhas an attractive all black finish.. it also has the RAW capabilities that are missing on the s80.. i would expect the price of the s70 to drop with the intro of the s80, so you may be able to pick one up for a decent price...

if i were to upgrade my s50 right now, the s70 would be my choice over the s80 actually.. i would do it for the RAW, the CF, and potentially lower noise.. just thought i would throw that in, because listening to others logic can sometimes help out with your decision..

in the end, i would pick a Sxx series over the others.. but whether you go s60, s70, or s80, you will be well served and they will do more than you could ask of them!

good luck! -dustin
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Old Sep 25, 2005, 9:44 PM   #13
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Great information on this site..I am wondering how much faster this new S80 will be over the existing S60 and 70 (are they the same in speed)...and also how the A620 fears in speed compared to these choices. Good thing I don't have to buy tomorrow, although I thought I would, now think I will wait, sell my TVsll first, that will make it all easier.
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Sad. Today it was released and Best Buy doesnt carry it in stock right now. Looks like ill have to order online or wait a little longer. ANy one know somewhere that sells it in store?
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