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Heffty Dec 29, 2011 1:02 PM

Canon s95 vs s100 dilemma.
Regular price for the s95 seems to be posted at $450 still which is on par with the new s100's price. My assumption here is that the price on the s95 has not dropped yet and all the sales available are for the s95 with savings of around $100 whereas the s100 is not on sale anywhere.

Being it Boxing sale week, there are some sales on the s95. My questions is as to whether these are really sales, or if they are just reflecting a future price drop on these cameras.

Mind you these are Canadian Prices.

Futureshop: Save $94 off 444.49 brings it to $349.99

MemoryExpress: Save $100 off 449.99 brings it to $349.99

Henry's in Toronto: Save $149.97 off $449.99 brings it to $299.99

I could price match this camera at MemoryExpress in Calgary and get a bit more off the $299.99 price. From what I've read on these forums about these two cameras. The s100 is not worth the extra $150 over the s95. I am considering jumping on this s95 price, but with money kind of tight right now and the fact I'm probably not going to be using the camera that much in the coming months until summer...I'm wondering if there is any reason to jump now or if I should see this s95 camera at $299.99 regular price in the near future.

SIMON40 Dec 29, 2011 3:46 PM

Hi- I think the S100 has a few advantages...
Check out the 4th post(me) on this blog...

FiveO Dec 31, 2011 2:28 AM

The official release date of the S100 was only in November (though some stores had it available in October), so there's a little time left yet to fit in another price drop. It dropped to $269 USD the week before Xmas and I doubt it will drop much more before it hits the clearance rack (at which point they become hard to find). And no, I don't think the S100 is worth an extra $150.

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