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iv narrowed it down to these two cameras guys. here is what i want in a camera:

great pictures



unlimited movie mode

300$-400$ USA

i think that the cannon sd300 and sony w1 have all of these, but im leaning towards the w1 because many reviews say canon has blurry edges..

what u guys think? or is there any other cameras i should look at?
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The Canon is more compact and lighter. You always seem to get into compromises when you miniaturize. The W1 also has a true manual exposure mode which is handy if you ever use the advantages of digital to expand your horizons.

Go through a few pages of sample pictures by actual users of the SD300. Click on the thumbnails to see the full picture and use the "More" to get others. You can also look at any full gallery that interests you. See how long it takes to find a real-world picture where the edge and corner softness really affects the image. In fact, see how long it takes to even identify any edge softness. http://www.pbase.com/cameras/canon/powershot_sd300

If you plan to copy documents with your camera the corner softness of a tiny camera can be significant. Real-world pictures seem a little nicer with some slight softness and vignetting in the corners. Pros with DSLRs that are sharp to the edges often slightly vignette and soften the corners to give an image more impact. Edge softness is a little more annoying as a group shot with someone on the very edges of the shot might be affected. But not all the reviewers saw edge softness even in test shots.

Dave at Imaging Resource said this:
"(Checking sample photos from the SD300 posted on other websites, I didn't see nearly as much softness in the corners as was apparent in our test images. I'd still say that there was more than average, but not to the extent we found in our own tests. - So it's possible that the sample unit we received wasn't fully up to spec.)"
I think the corner softness is there. It just isn't that apparent in normal photos.

I carried a Pentax S4 for a while and I think the edges are at least as soft as the SD300. I didn't take a single shot where the corner softness detracted from the image. Phil at dpreview said:
"The new lens Canon designed for the SD300 (and little brother the SD200) seems more than able to deliver the level of fine detail a 4MP chip demands, but the sharpness does fall off a little towards the edges and corners, especially at the wide end of the zoom and F2.8 or when shooting close-ups, and there is a small amount of visible vignetting. But I found little to complain about when printing the images, and the simple truth is where it matters to the target market; exposure, color, focus, speed and noise, the SD300 exceeds expectations."

I would personally carry the extra couple of ounces to get manual exposure. And the extra size of the W1 does allow a little better image. But nothing you are likely to see in everyday photography.

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thanks for the good info, i will be going to frys today to try both cameras out, i might try to buy one today, if i can pay monthy on it i will.
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