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I've narrowed it down to one of these (unless you have any other suggestions please send them) the casio has several better features than the sd450 namely larger lcd, 6mp, great battery life however i have heard some complaints about casio's durability and dont know if those questions apply to the z600 as well and for some reason i cant find any expert reviews for the casio and very little buzz about it at all. why? all these doubts make me think about the sd450 which has great reviews and seems very sturdy. please respond thanks
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There is no offical review of the Z-600, rather just a preview:


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From another therad on this site, check out:


Ken Rockwell specifically reccomends the Casio z500/ z600 for "normal people", and the Casio EXZ 750 for those us who want (LOTS) more control over the whole exposure process. His review of the 500/600 line will fill you in.

I, personally, had pretty well decided to get a Casio Z 750 to replace my damaged Minolta X50 - almost exactly the same size & so many more controls! Ken's review decided it for me, & I just ordered one from one of the merchants who support Steve's site.

If I thought I could 'live without' all those controls in the 750, I'd definatly have got the tiny z500!

Ken's site has many extremely good articles on a variety of photographic subjects, and he really has an ability to "cut thru the hype" seen in so many other places.

Since we're here on Steve's Digicam forums, you might want to check Steve's review of the Casio z500 - the 600 is essentially the same, so most of what you read will apply to the 600.

You might want to just get a 500 - the higher Megapixil count isn't that valuable - see Ken's article on that - and often these "upgrades" to higher pixil count the manufacturers keep doing, result in more digital noise, since more pixils are being squeezed out of the same sensor. The "Megapixil Craze" is a bit of the "hype" I was talking about.

My motto is "The camera you have WITH you, gets the picture", and the tiny-er the better. I sure wish all of the 750's controls (and optical viewfinder !) were in the 500/600 models.

BTW, there is a 2-page spread in the April, 2006 Popular Science Magazine, pages 56 & 57, showing all the insides of the Z600 - pretty cool!


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its actually the s600 in popular science's spread. its a neat article, check it out. As far as the s600 goes, I have only seen positive reviews on the picture taking and video of the s600. The only thing that people really do not like about it is that there are limited controls, resolution of lcd is not that great (still good, however), and because the s600 is so small, no viewfinder, and the buttons are kind of hard to press if you have larger hands. The z600 looks to be quite a good camera as well, but again, the resolution of lcd isnt that great, no MPEG4 for video, and the z500's pictures were not that great. Costco.com has both of these cameras (s600 and z600) for a good price, not the cheapest, but they have the best return policy with no restocking fees.
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