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I agree with Hun. When I hook up my camera to my computer, I never installed the software that came with it. I hook it up, and the computer sees it as a storage device, and I drag stuff over. If your computer is not detecting it properly, it is either a fault of your comptuer or the camera. The best way to tell is to hook the camera up to another computer with no Fuji software installed. If it works fine, you know it's the comptuer, not the camera. This could have just as easily happened with the Canon, esspecially if it is the fault of the computer.
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After formating the computer The Blue screen ALMOST disapeared

I say almost because i got it on 2 ocasion

i "Believe" after installing some programs (dont know yet which).

I am not sure if is a software-driver conflict or memory (i dont think is memory)

The reason i meantioned Canon is that the problem i have seem to be one

that causes a failure in the protocol "Mass storage"

I have read on several forums about people having Mass storage failure detecting

cameras and mp3 players that depended on this protocol.

Since Canon NOT use this protocol (atleast not on Sd550) i feel safer

also it use SD card so i dont have to buy card reader in case it fail

my laptop has SD-card reader.

But as for now The camera Dont fail after formating

This make me think it could have been a Windows conflict with incompatible drivers

or some Software conflict (most probaly)

It could also be the Camera Cable (fuji mentioned a failty cable can cause blue screens).

My computer is VERY Stable and the only time i ever have seen a blue screen

was when conecting this camera.

I dont know the reason, but shortly resumed my pc didnt like much the camera.

thats where the Canon can solve it (it use another protocol for transfer)

So i have one choice to make before 4 january after doing many tests:

1. Keep the Fuji F10 camera with the WONDERFUL nightshots and indoor quality

2. Get Canon for Better Daylight sharpness photos and more stable with my pc.

Believe me for me this is not a easy choose

it took me month to decide for Fuji F10 over Canon Sd550/ixus 750

on one side i feel sad to change the Fuji for canon

i will loose the option for great nightshots and indoor photos

on the other side i feel i am risking it since is so sensible to my computer

if it get blue screens in my computer in near future i know i will regret it

(but maybe a card-reader can solve this).

As i said is nothing wrong with my computer

It work perfectly , it just that there is time windows dont like certain stuff.

and this can be one of those things.

and yes it realy anoys one such happen.

I am not blaming Fuji for it since i know they cant test it on every single computer out there, while i do believe they could have made the conexion not so sensible so it can fails on some computers.

It is the first time a device realy have failed on my new computer

everything else dont give me much of a problem.

Fuji is known for inovation maybe they are So Ahead of the other one

that for some reason it can cause conflict on some computers.

unless you format it.

Anyway The camera works now i will do more tests

both with the camera and transfering and see what happen.

Is hard to decide whetever keep it or get a golden nice Canon sd550.

the only Downside i see with canon is the short batterylife that can be solved with buying a extra battery and is not so good as Fuji on nightshots

so the Big decision here would be

Do i prefer a camera with Great nightshots but risking my pc dont like it

or do i want a camera with great photoquality but not good nightshots

but one that is stable on my computer and as a plus use SD card compatible to my sd-card reader.

I belive what happened is a case limited to some user (in this case me)

a bout a computer that works great but for some rare reason didnt like the camera.

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