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sturge90 May 9, 2006 3:39 PM


Well im looking for an ultra-compact camera with 5-7 megapixels and a pretty large and decent screen. I've narrowed my selections down to these two cameras, the canon SD600 and the Casio Z750. The Canon is very nice and as a company, canon have a good reputation. My frend ownsthe SD450 and i liked the style. The Casio is also very good and offers a higher res than the canon, but it is slightly more bulky and i don't know about Casio's reliability....

Can Anyone help me in selecting the best one? or even suggesting other cameras to take a look at?

Thanks very much

slipe May 9, 2006 5:32 PM

The Z750 had lens error problems when it was first released, but Casio beefed up the gearing on the lens and later releases were fine. Canon has also had lens errors in several of their cameras and I don't know whether they are still getting E18 errors, but they didn't seem as quick to fix the problem as Casio.

Movies on the Z750 are good. With MPEG4 compression they take only about a quarter the space on the card and Casios with MPEG4 have the great past movie mode. If you are interested at all in movies you might read up on the feature.

The SD600 has a higher resolution LCD screen than the Z750 and the optical viewfinder is probably a little better. Both cameras have good optics and take excellent photos.

I like a lot of features on the Z750 but they might not be very significant to you if you tend to just shoot in auto with the default settings. The control setup on the Z750 is excellent. I like the manual mode dial and extra control buttons. Besides full manual everything the camera is a lot more configurable.

If you just want a nice point and shoot to carry in your pocket I think the SD600 is an excellent choice. You would probably be happy with it.

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