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New here, fairly new to photography. I don't edit pics a lot, or print them - mostly view them on my camera or post them online. I currently have a Canon a75, and since I am going on a trip realllllly soon :0 I need a better camera. I'd like a "social" camera, one that can take quick candid shots, and is portable. The a75 is a bit slow, but I can't compare it to anything. I was looking at either the canon sd300, or the fuji finepix f10.

The canon looks like a good social camera - very small, quick, and the sd memory doesnt hurt.

The f10 has the better specs - big lcd (anyone can comment on the resolution?), good flash/night shots, hopefully better close up shots.

Canf10 can be pocketed and take things like quick concert pics, restaraunt pics, etc like the canon can?

I was planning on buying it from compuplus.com, at $330 ($300 perhaps with the fuji website rebate), and a xd card. I was wondering if 1 gig would be good for a 2 week trip, or is 512 enough with 6 megapixels?the 1 gb card is $80 at compuplus . .. sounds too cheap to be true.

Any info on these cameras would be great!

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cellophane wrote:
Canf10 can be pocketed and take things like quick concert pics, restaraunt pics, etc like the canon can?
I guess the answer would depend on which pocket you intend to carry the camera. I think the F10 is too big/heavy for a summer-weight shirt pocket, but a winter-weight shirt pocket or pants pocket should be fine. Given that the F10 will be better at the above, and has very quick response times (read the timing notes in the DPReview.com review), and is still very compact, I would think it would be the better overall choice if you are going to have just one camera.

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I have a F-10 and its a great indoor camera or what you call a "social" camera. If you don't plan to blow up pictures to 8x10, most pictures indoor can be taken without a flash. Taking pictures inside a restaurant without the flash going off and bothering other patrons,how social can it get! Remember no camera is going to be perfect. It's a little too bulky and a tad too heavyto keep in your shirt pocket all day long. For short periods of time, it's not much of a problem. You will have to judge that yourself by going to a store and see how bulky and heavy it is to you.

Reading the forums, the 1gb Xd card is said to be slower than the other cards.Instead of 1gb you should get 2 512mb cards, just in case one of cards go bad on you when you are traveling.
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