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I made a purchase a few years ago. It was a choice between the A80 and S50. I found that for the way I use pictures, the A80's 4.0 MP would have been more than enough and probably have slightly less noise than the S50. I also like the A80's form factor much better. I previously had an A10, and with my shakey hands, I could hold it much more still without the tedium.

I'm curious as to what is the current successor to the Canon A80. I guess in two different ways. One way being what Canon would point to as the successor? And a second way of what actually perform simularly (4.0 MP or better with a form factor like the A80's)?

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The direct sucessor was the A95. Canon has recently announcedtwo sucessors to that camera, the A610/A620, which are due out soon.

All of these have a form factor and feature set similar to the A80. (I am also in the market to replace my A80.) The A95 has 5MP and the Digic processor. The A610 has 5MP and the faster, more powerful Digic II processor - I think it's worth waiting just for the faster click-to-photo time. The A620 has 7MP and is otherwise the same as the A610. I gather the 7MP sensor is the same as the one in the S70, which people like a lot. It surprisingly has less noise than the 5MP sensor.

The A6xx cameras also have a 4x zoom, instead of 3x. They start a little wider (35mm instead of 38) and go considerably more tele.

I'm waiting for the A620/610 and the S80 to come out, then I will choose among those and the S60/S70. I'm wondering if the S series fits better in a pocket, and also I'm attracted by the wide angle lens (28mm).

If you want something today and cheaper, you should check out the A510/520. They have a similar form and feature set to the A80 - they are upgrades from the A70, I think. So they lack the flip-out LCD and have a few less MP (A520 has 4, though). They are also a little smaller and only take 2 batteries. This may be a disadvantage, as they are very slow shot-to-shot with flash, presumably because of hte limitations of using 2 AA batteries. (Although other manufacturers have done better with this.) That's the only real downside, though. They seem to take very good photos, and they are very affordable, especially the A510 at 3MP.
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any idea when a610 is coming out.. I'll heading back home(outside US) in 1st week of oct...

so need to take decision ASAP...
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