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mtclimber Dec 25, 2009 11:10 AM

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Here is the 100% crop of that same photo.

Sarah Joyce

nech770 Dec 25, 2009 11:33 AM

I am nowhere near a photographer.. I think for a point and shoot mega zoom camera the results are really nice...

Did you need to play with the settings a lot? Was this on auto mode? Just trying to get a feel for how complex the camera is...
Also did you zoom in?
People keep talking about posting with EXIF what is that?

nech770 Dec 25, 2009 11:42 AM

I was also reading that with the compact cameras that have a small sensor sometimes a higher megapixel can actually result in a lower quality... because each pixel is so much smaller...
So the fact that the F70 reduces the megapixels to 5 from 10 (they combine sensor pixels or something to now have 2 pixels act as 1 - if I understand correctly) in the lower lighting EXR mode is actually a good thing that increases the sharpness correct?

mtclimber Dec 25, 2009 1:39 PM

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The set-up on the F-70 is very simple indeed. The F-70 essentially has two automatic modes. One is very traditional, it is a small red camera symbol or icon. The there is a mode labeled "EXR" which is another automatic mode. All the photos posted thus far have been taken using the EXR mode.

The last photos posted of the Canon SX 110 camera were taken using the macro or close-up mode, rather than by using the telephoto function. The pixel binning function that you described in your last post, is used when the F-70 is using the the numerically high ISO setting mode, for example when you are calling for ISO 1600.

So yes,while understanding the EXR mode is complex if you approach it in photographic terms, if you just use the EXR automatic mode, the F-70 does a very creditable job, using a fully automatic EXR mode where the camera itself, select the appropriate EXR mode to use and takes the photo.

EXIF is a term used to describe the exposure information that is recorded automatically by any digital camera whenever a photo is taken. Special software, and some photo editing programs can read that EXIF data. Here is how the EXIF data from the last photo posted looks like.

Sarah Joyce

Mark1616 Dec 25, 2009 1:43 PM

I was interested particularly in the potential plastic skin tones and noise at these higher ISOs at the range from Fuji is very interesting.

Have a good day with the family and hope they boys (big and small) enjoy their new cameras.

mtclimber Dec 25, 2009 4:49 PM

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Thanks Mark-

The cameras were a big hit. They have been doing videos of everything in sight. That is the fun of Christmas.

I did get Bradley to sit down long enough for a photo to show skin color, and texture for you. This photo is at ISO 400 indoors without any flash straight out of the F-70 camera with only re-sizing.

Merry Christmas!

Sarah Joyce

mtclimber Dec 25, 2009 4:52 PM

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Here is the 100% crop of the same picture.

Sarah Joyce

nech770 Dec 27, 2009 10:02 AM

To me the photos look pretty good for this class of camera...
So now I need to ask - I have pretty much ruled out the samsung
It is now down to the canonsx200 or the fuji f70 - the canon is selling for $320CAD (@adencameras) and the Fuji is $240CAD($230+$10 shipping).
Am I really getting more with the Canon except the name? I know it has a 12MP and 12x Zoom instead of the Fuji 10MP 10x zoom... but from what I am reading with the small sensor size of these compacts actually increasing the MP decreases the quality... because each pixel is smaller...
The canon flash is also better, but on the down side it always pops up whether or not you need it.
It has HD video while the fuji does not... but if I don't have and am not planning to get an HD TV does having HD video make a difference?
The extra Zoom is nice, the flash is attractive .. but is it worth $80 more?

mtclimber Dec 27, 2009 11:10 AM

Good Morning, Nech-

Frankly , I don't think that the Canon SX-200 is worth the extra $(CDN)80.00. Please remember the Canon SX-200 has HD video, but you cannot zoom while filming. Yes, I revised SX-200 is supposed to be available after the 1st of the year that will zoom while filming, but that is in the future.

The first time I had the F-70EXR, I was in the middle of teaching and I really did not have enough spare time to give it a fair shake. This time I have had a lot of fun with the F-70EXR and gotten some excellent photos for a $(US)200.00 digital camera.

The EXR system takes some adapting, but it works well. I will probably add the F200EXR if we see some sale prices in the next month or so.

So, Nech, I think you are very safe to choose the Fuji F-70EXR camera.

Have a great day!

Sarah Joyce

nech770 Dec 27, 2009 1:13 PM

Thanks Sarah and Mark for your patience with me... I think I will go for the Fuji F70 - I will hopefully - G-d willing post some pics once I get it...
One more question... how big a memory card should I get? Is 4 or 8GB enough or do I need to go up to 16.... right now in my A40.... I have a 512 card that lasts me a LONG time - unless I am going on trips etc...
As the price of the SD cards just keep going down I don't want to get too much and spend a premium... also do I need to get a high speed card? I have seen class 2 and 4 and even 6 - do I need to spend more for the class 6 card?
Thanks again

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