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Default Canon SX200IS or Sony DSCH50?

I am deciding between these two cameras to purchase. I am an amateur photographer and want to take action shots of my kids sports, etc. I usually use the auto mode. I can get the DSCH50 for $100 cheaper but don't know which is a better camera. I do like the date feature on the Canon. Which would you suggest?
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IMHO this is a clear cut situation where you want to choose the best Point and Shoot camera. The Sony H-50 is not only the better buy, but it will also produce good images. The image quality of the H-50 clearly surpasses that of the CananSX200IS.

However, the very best camera type for an overwhelming emphasis on Sports photos is the DSLR type of camera. I am making the assumption that you want an all around family camera that ocassionally is used to also shoot kids sports.

Sarah Joyce
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Sarah is correct in that you can select a digicam that will do a better job of sports shooting than another digicam but none of them do a great job. Sports shooting is very demanding on equipment. It's important that you have realistic expectations for the results you're going to get before you spend your money. For example - neither camera will shoot indoor sports or nighttime sports well at all. Daytime sports they can do OK at. Where they will fail is when you're trying to track and shoot a subject moving toward or away from you - the focus systems in these cameras just aren't sophisticated enough to do that well. So, whether or not any digicam can meet your needs depends on the sports you'll be shootig and what you're expectations are of the quality you get back. I would suggest looking at the following sites for samples of sports shots taken from the cameras you're considering so you can determine if the quality is in line with your expectations:

I will mention though, that even with a DSLR, you're not going to get a DSLR and kit lens and shoot sports very well. You'd have to spend more money on a lens appropriate for the sport. What lens depends entirely on the sport in question and where you'd be shooting from.
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