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Default Canon SX230 or Sony HX9v OR Canon S95 OR anyother camera????plz help me

Hi All,

I want to take the point and shoot camera, im confused between Canon SX230 or Sony HX9v or Canon S95.I have seen reviews of the above cameras everyone are suggesting sony for its more features and also i have seen the reviews that sony is lacking in quality and Canon is nice in clarity.Can you plz suggest me which would be nice for best clarity for taking pics of my friends and family members. Are there any other cameras apart from the above which are nice in picture clarity and which will fit in pocket easily. Zoom is not important for me im more interested in image quality .

Your answers would help me a lot.

thank u all in advance
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Have you seen the review,here at Steve's of the S100...?

Given that zoom is not important- and image quality is- I would suggest the S95- or S100 if you need the couple of extra toys offered on the later model.
The S95/S100 also has a larger sensor and a faster/large aperture lens- both of which should give you better low light/indoor performance.

Not that the other two cameras mentioned are poor- far from it- but for a pocketable camera where image quality counts above all else- the S95/100 would be the winner here.
And here's a couple of other contenders....
At the end of this review/test,you can click a link under each camera for a full in depth review,with images to download/scrutinise...

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Thanks for your reply but could you tell whether the latest s100 makes much diff. when compared to s95. Because Its not released yet in my state.. So if there is big diff then I will wait for it or else will go for s95.
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The S100 is a big improvement over the S95 in many areas-
10mp 1/1.7 CCD is now a 12mp1/1.7 CMOS sensor(improves low light ability and speed).
5cm macro is now 3cm macro.
1280x720 HD with no optical zoom is now 1920x1080 Full HD with optical zoom and autofocus.
Now has built in 3 stop ND filter- ideal for long exposures in brighter conditions.
Zoom range extended at both ends- 28-105mm is now 24-120mm(though a slower f/5.9 at the long end as opposed to the older f/4.9)
Continuous mode is VASTLY improved,with 2.5 fps and a 8 frame burst in roughly 0.8 secs.
Minimum shutter speed available up from 1/1600 to 1/2000 sec.
Max iso at full resolution up from 3200 to 6400.
GPS facility.
Dynamic range correction/HDR modes.

So,all in all,quite a few upgrades over an already competent little compact...
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All good points, but the S100 is also $150 more than the best price on the S95 from a reputable dealer, has slightly softer images and lower contrast (less punchy images), and a rumored QC issue with decentered lenses. Although the wider wide end is great in concept, the lens issues become most apparent at the wide end as well. In manual mode, while taking an exposure of longer than 1 second, you are limited to ISO 80. Now prices being equal, I would still choose the S100 over the S95. However, with $150 difference, I would opt for the S95.
Disclaimer: I take photos of life rather than live to take photos and my opinions of cameras are reflected accordingly.
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