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Originally Posted by whyguru View Post
Hello Hards80

What camera/cameras have you used for your photos on your Flickr? very nice photos actually with excellent colors...
Thanks. as has been mentioned I shoot with an Oly Pen and a 50D (and various compacts), mostly the Pen here recently, it does what I need and is nice and light. But in reality, the better APS-C cameras are all really really good. Any of them will produce more than good enough image quality. I am a big proponent of trying them out, get your hands on them. We all have different hand sizes and preferences in controls and that will go a long way to deciding what you need. I looked up your post, seems like you are choosing between a 60D/K5/D7000. To be honest they are so close that it doesn't matter. Pick the one that fits best in your hand and if you have specific lens needs which one fits that the closest. You can't go wrong between these 3 cams, they are some of the best aps-c cams that have been made.

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Hi Kristy

Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony.. Panasonic... they all make awesome Camera's. I think Hards80 has it right. Don't get all caught up with the brand.
What I suggest is first, how does the Camera feel in your hands. Is it comfrotable. Does it fit your hand properly? Lens selection and price. They are all factors that you should consider.
If you are looking at Nikon my suggestion is the D90. It's an awesome camera and takes amazing photos with awesome features.

Canon, the T1i or the T2i. You can't go wrong with either however I am a huge fan of the T2i. I love the screen 1024k dot screeen compared to 920k and the new features that it offers however both are solid shooters. It is a huge difference no, but I wish I had that difference on my 7D. Does this matter no, not really.. Just a difference that I find is helpful to review pictures out in the field.

I know less about Pentax however I have heard really, really good things about the Camera's as well as weather sealing of the bodies and the lenses. They are very, very solid cameras.

Also do not discount Sony. They have amazing cameras, in fact sony produces most of Nikon's image sensors. They make amazing lenses as well.

All these companies make camera's that shoot well in low light.

Personally I purchased the Canon 7D and a huge factor was lens lineup. I wanted a light weight lens that was extremely sharp that had decent reach. I purchased the EF 70-200 F4 IS. I tried the lens previously and fell in love with it.
Good luck with your purchase and remeber, in the end it's all about what feel best to you.

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