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thisempty Dec 2, 2006 3:15 PM

Hi. I have an old Powershot A40 that i would like to substitute. I can't make up my mind between the A630, the A710IS and the SD800IS
Which is a better camera period?
Or there's no better camera between those 3 and each one has his own advantages?
I don't care about MP.
I care about IQ.

People say nice things about the A630, but it doesnt have IS and the other 2 cameras do. Is that really that important?

What are the benefits of DIGIC III over DIGIC II? Cause the SD800IS has a DIGI III processor whereas the A630 and A710IS have not.

I prefer a camera with AA batterys, so the only reason i'm still considering the SD800IS is for the smaller size and the 207.000 pixels vs the 115.000 of the other cameras. Does this big pixel number difference translate in a much better LCD picture of the SD800IS

So, i just consider the SD800IS for the LCD and the DIGIC III (does that really matters?)
But i think i'll choose between the A630 and the A710IS.

IS is the only up the A710IS has over the A630? If no, what else is better in this camera than in the A630.
What about the A630, what is better in it that in the A710IS?

Sorry for so many questions, but i would like suggestions from you guys.

kassandro Dec 2, 2006 3:40 PM

If you have no shake, the A630 clearly delivers better image quality because its 1/1.8" sensor is larger than the 1/2.5" sensor of the A710 and SD800. It also has more megapixel, but that is hardly relevant. Having said that image stabilisation is extremely valuable. That's why I opted for the A710. The SD800 has a very useful 28mm wide angle while the zoom of the other cams starts at 35mm. The all metall SD800 clearly has the best build quality. It is also the smallest of the three cams, but also the most expensive. The difference between Digic II and Digic III doesn't seem to be very significant. The A630 has a four battery NiMH design like my former S1. This is considerably less demanding for the batteries than the two battery design of the A710. My old batteries from the S1 didn't work well in the A710, but a new set of batteries did work surprisingly well. On the other hand 4 batteries make the camera heavier and less compact. I almost forgot the swivel display of the A630. It's very useful. Of course, one should also mention the large zoom range of the A710.

thisempty Dec 2, 2006 6:54 PM

Thanks for the input.

I really feared that the A630had better IQ than the A710, cause i really wanted the A710 due to its smaller size, IS and only 2 batteries.

But seeing the pictures of both at, the A630 is better :(

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