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vijaymverma Nov 7, 2006 10:22 AM

Hi folks,

I am currently on look out for buying a new Digi Cam and have read too many reviews and finally got stuck between these cameras.
  1. Canon SD700 IS[/*]
  2. Kodak P712 with IS[/*]
  3. Canon A710 IS[/*]
  4. Canon S3 IS[/*]
  5. Kodak V603.
There are some issues with Canon which are listed below : :P
  • Red Eye : I absolutely don't want to sit down and edit my photos for red-eye.[/*]
  • Movie : I occassionally make long movies, and Canon does M-JPEG style which is a card filling activity considering my 2 GB Card which I have currently for my V550.
Now, having said about Canon, here is my grievances on Kodak :
  • Bad low light shots : The night shots are always shaky and with lots of noise, I hope IS fixes the shake but what about the noise and grain ?[/*]
  • Battery : Battery life is absolutely low grade, lowest I have seen, and in practical , it doesnt last even a single day when out on trip.[/*]
Here are the positive things about both of them :

Canon : Good battery life, SD700 and A710 are compact ones with IS, Good build quality with certain plastic components.

Kodak : V603 is the most compact with single lens in V series but lacks optical view finder, battery life is bad, but makes 15 min QT movies while occupying only 150~ MB of my card space, and the movies generally come out excellent.

P712 and S3 IS are good, but I am tempted more at the pocket sized versions for now.

I have tried to see the other brands, Fuji and Panasonic ( Sony, I wouldn't want to see them for their MS duo / pro / micro formats, which never fit anything else and the experience with sony makes me go away from them.) and Casio, but I couldnt mark any specific model to evaluate.

I hope experts here could share their thoughts on these and let me know.

Thanks in advance. :idea:

KALEL33 Nov 10, 2006 12:41 AM

You might narrow your list down to one class of cameras. The list consists of every type and size of camera, but a DSLR. If you dont like the red-eye then I would definitely would move away from ultra-compacts. So which camera would you want...ultracompact, compact, mid-sized?

vijaymverma Nov 10, 2006 8:50 AM


I :dude: am looking for ultra compacts I guess, I checked out the S3 IS y'day, and it was impressive, but I wouldn't like to drag it around in a pouch, it's kind of heavy, so ruling out even Kodak P712 ( which is the same range as S3 IS ), I guess I am left between SD700 IS and V603 and A710 IS. I have heard about A710 IS weak flash, but dont know how bad it is for taking 2 snaps within 3 seconds in night time.

Does someone use A710 and could share their experiences with me. I guess, the best of all above would be a hard choice, since I have experience with V603 and it's a no frills, no fiddling with settings camera, but does fail on battery front and Canon's color based scene modes are "funky", which Kodak in future wouldn't seem to catch up with.

KALEL33 Nov 10, 2006 10:37 AM

The Canon's ultra-compacts will not be that good in the battery department either. The A710IS would be the most versatile for each situation when compared with the other two and take the best pictures in the widest variety of scenes. I do like the V603, but it's preference on which one you would like. The V603 has like 27 scene modes in it, you just have to choose the one that fits the scene, so it's not quite no frills. The 11' range of the flash from the A710 is typical for this sized camera and you're not going to get better than that. Some small cameras can reach 13', so it's not that much different.

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