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ZAKD Dec 23, 2005 4:54 PM


Just need a quick advise over 3 types of camera for my good friend:

1. Canon A520 4 Mpx

2. Nikon 5200 5.1 Mpx

3. Sony s-60 4 Mpx

He is interested to buy the last one.

What is the best choice according to your opinion


Regards Zak

airshowfan Dec 23, 2005 8:10 PM

"Ok, so my friend has this problem... No, it's not ME, I SWEAR, it's my FRIEND... What's his name... uh..." :roll:

Just kidding. Getting serious now: The Canon and the Sony are very similar cameras. The Canon has more zoom and I think itis cheaper, and I've heard tons of people love it. Memory for it will be cheaper, too. So I think, between the Sony and the Canon, I'd recommend the Canon.

This Fuji, though, is a different kind of camera. It's bigger and has way more zoom, and a very nice lens, and a high-tech sensor with great low-light capabilities. I'd choose the Fuji in a heartbeat, since it's the superior camera (unless you want something smaller).

tennisforums Dec 23, 2005 9:51 PM

I myself own the Sony Cybershot DSC-S60. It hasn't taken one photo that wasn't worth keeping. Beautiful quality. Also features some of the best movies on a compact. There isn't that much freedom in manual mode, but I presume the other would be similiar. I had to choose between the Canon and the Sony, and because image quality is very important to me, the Sony won hands-down.

I wouldn't never seek to buy a new camera anytime soon. Only reason I'm upgrading is for more zoom.

ZAKD Dec 24, 2005 8:17 AM

Hi and thanks for reply.

It is really for my friend since I own a camera and now looking to buy a SLR for my new interest inphotographing but don't know much about this chipper camerasfor every day use.

According to your oppinions buying the Sony s-60 is not wrong so I could tell him if the money is ot problem to go for, on the other hand for better quality to go for Nikon 5200.

Thanks and Regards Zak

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